The perfect beauty bag for pregnant women

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The perfect beauty bag for pregnant women
The perfect beauty bag for pregnant women

Our bodies change during pregnancy. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Some small physical inconveniences accompany pregnancy such as the appearance of stretch marks, the feeling of heavy legs or the mask of pregnancy.


Fortunately, there are good beauty treatments and tips to take care of our changing bodies. Here's what to put in your kit.

A treatment for stretch marks

The ideal is to prevent stretch marks before they appear. They are caused by a rapid stretching of the skin mainly due to weight gain and are often noticed on the stomach, breasts or thighs. Since you will gain weight during pregnancy, it is possible for stretch marks to appear on your body. To prevent them, massage the areas at risk with a treatment designed for this purpose.

We like: Jouviance Melting Coconut Cream for prevention.

Coconut oil is a fabulous natural emollient that improves hydration and elasticity of the skin, repairs it and makes it more resistant to changes. With its divine smell, you will want to leavebrush the whole body!

We like: Phytolastil stretch mark correction serum by Lierac to correct.

This plant concentrate with restructuring power has been specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Apply the product by massaging the stretch marks, morning and evening, for an 8-week treatment.

A treatment for heavy legs

Heaviness in the legs during pregnancy is quite common and mainly caused by poor blood circulation. To relieve this feeling of heaviness, pass the jet of cold water from the shower over your legs for a few minutes and raise them in the air several times a day when possible. Apply a specific product while massaging your legs to soothe the heaviness effect.

We like: Gel for heavy and tired legs Lotus Aroma

This gel based on essential oils of peppermint, cypress, lemon and camphor activates microcirculation to energize your legs. Massage a small amount of gel into the legs, from the ankles to the knees.


Sun exposure during pregnancy can cause pigment spots or even a pregnancy mask to appear on the face. This phenomenon is more frequent between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy. Fortunately, these spots will eventually disappear, but they can last up to 6 months after giving birth. To avoid it as much as possible, we put on a hat, we stay in the shadeas much as possible and protect your skin from UV rays, rain or shine, with a high SPF cream.

We like: Anthelios XL Melting Cream SPF 60 by La Roche Posay

Fragrance-free and super fast to absorb, this sunscreen is very comfortable to wear all day. It leaves no greasy film on the skin and gives a remarkable velvety finish.

A hair treatment against hair loss

The increase in estrogen in the body during pregnancy and especially after childbirth (during the breastfeeding period) leads to an imbalance of the scalp. Many women notice that their hair becomes thinner after giving birth or that they lose a huge amount of it. Before technological advances, excellent and effective hair care products existed on the market to prevent hair loss and strengthen them.

We like: the Phytologist hair loss treatment from Phyto

A 99% concentrate of plant and natural ingredients. The contents of a small vial are poured onto the scalp and massaged three times a week for a three-month treatment to slow hair loss and stimulate the growth of new, thicker hair.

A natural deodorant

Many commercial deodorants contain aluminum s alts and parabens, two substances that are particularly inadvisable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you haven't already, swap your deodorant for a natural versionbased on essential oils with antibacterial properties such as sage.

We like: sage and mint deodorant from Dr. Hauschka

This 100% natural roll-on deodorant combines the astringent power of sage with the freshness of mint for underarms that smell great all day. If you are breastfeeding, opt for the rose deodorant from the same brand instead, since sage essential oil could slow down lactation.

A firming treatment for the bust

Your breasts will undergo several volume changes during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. After this period, many women feel like they no longer have breasts. Do not panic, everything ends up being replaced after about a year. On the other hand, put the odds on your side by following a few rules. Avoid having your breasts filled with milk to the point that the skin is stretched to the maximum, shower your breasts for a few seconds in very cold water, do not neglect the good wearing of a good bra and apply a firming cream as soon as pregnancy.

We like: Super Lift Bust Gel by Clarins

This specific treatment stimulates collagen to firm the bust. Based on natural active ingredients, it improves the tone of the skin and restores curves to the chest. Apply every morning from under the breasts to the chin. Its gel texture dries ultra quickly allowing you to get dressed only a few minutes later.

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