All you need to know about the Panorama™ non-invasive genetic screening test

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All you need to know about the Panorama™ non-invasive genetic screening test
All you need to know about the Panorama™ non-invasive genetic screening test

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The first weeks of your pregnancy being a crucial period for the development of a baby's vital organs, it is strongly advised to consult a he alth professional even before conception.


Whether due to family and personal history, our lifestyle habits or simply our environment, a genetic screening test may be suggested.

Are you familiar with non-invasive prenatal screening?

Non-invasive prenatal screening or NIPT (also called free fetal DNA testing) requires a blood sample from the mother to analyze DNA from the placenta to detect certain chromosomal conditions, such as Down syndrome, which may affect the he alth of the baby.

How does NIPT work?

Free DNA (genetic information) constantly circulates in our bloodstream. During pregnancy, free fetal DNA (genetic information from the placenta) circulates in the bloodstream of the mother and mixes with her own informationgenetics.

NIPT analyzes DNA to determine if there is a high or low risk for the baby to have certain chromosomal abnormalities.

To learn more about non-invasive genetic testing, check out the Lifelabs Youtube channel.


The difference between the maternal serum screening test and the non-invasive Panorama™ screening test

With a simple blood test, Panorama™ can detect the most common genetic conditions caused by an extra or missing chromosome.

Here are some other good things about this ultra-precise genetic screening test:

  • Panorama™ can be ordered as early as 9 weeks, giving you time to plan and prepare for baby's arrival
  • Panorama™ carries no risk of miscarriage and reduces unnecessary invasive procedures like chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis
  • Panorama™ can tell you the sex of your baby (optional) and records no errors in fetal sex determination in validation studies
  • Panorama™ screens for Down syndrome with over 99% accuracy
  • Panorama™ can screen for major microdeletions that impact all pregnancies, regardless of maternal age
  • Panorama™ is the only prenatal test that detects and differentiates DNA from mother and baby, resulting in greater accuracy
  • Panorama™ can specify whether yourtwins are identical or fraternal, and reveal the sex of each fetus
  • Panorama™ results are available within 7 to 10 days of receipt of the sample at the laboratory

Panorama™ is the first choice of many he althcare professionals in Canada.

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The information provided by this test also raises several questions that parents should be prepared to answer:

  • Do you want to know the results?
  • Do you want to take more tests?
  • What will you do if the test reveals an abnormality in the chromosomes?
  • How will this information affect your feelings about your pregnancy?
  • How to support your child if they are born with special needs?

Do you have any questions about the Panorama™ test? Speak with a genetic counselor before testing Ask. [email protected] or Phone: 1-844-363-4357 (1-84-GENE HELP).

Do you know LifeLabs Genetics®?

LifeLabs is a Canadian he althcare company committed to pursuing medical innovation. In business for more than 50 years, LifeLabs founded in 2015 the largest professional genetic analysis laboratory in Canada. LifeLabs offers ongoing support throughout the testing process by bilingual, board-certified genetic counselors.

Listen to this video to learn more aboutThe LifeLabs Genetics Team®


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