Hand care

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Hand care
Hand care

If our eyes are the mirror of the soul, we can say that our hands are the mirror… of our daily life! Take care!


Dry Hands

As paradoxical as it may seem, water is one of the main culprits for the dryness of our hands! Since you have to wash your hands often to prevent the spread of germs, you end up with a recurring problem. When you also use cleaning products during household maintenance, you increase the risk of having very dry and rough hands.

  • We choose a soft and moisturizing hand soap.
  • We wear gloves when doing dishes and housekeeping.
  • We leave our hand cream lying around in the kitchen to think about putting it on often
  • In winter, we wear gloves! The cold dries out the skin.
  • Before going to bed, apply a good layer of moisturizer and wear gloves to sleep. Hands will be really soft when you wake up

Dark spots and wrinkles

Our hands age like the rest of our body, but it is possible to preserve them by good daily hydration and especially by limiting their exposure to the sun! So don't forget to put sunscreen on the top of your hands, in winter as in summer!

We choose a fluid sunscreen that does not make our hands greasyWhen we spend a lot of time outdoors like in the summer, we apply sunscreen after each hand wash

Soft, brittle or splitting nails

Our hands cannot be beautiful with broken, bitten, soft, split nails! Of course, you can occasionally afford professional care, it's not that expensive. Some salons offer the manicure service for less than $15. But since we don't always have time to treat ourselves to this sweetness, we take care of our nails at home by following a few simple steps.

  • Because they are more practical (especially with young children) and less catching, we keep our nails quite short, more square than pointed, slightly rounded;
  • Once a week, soak them for a few minutes in lukewarm olive oil, wash them with mild soap, and apply moisturizer;
  • We rub them with half a lemon as often as we can! They will be lustrous as if you buffed them for hours;
  • We apply a transparent varnish. Not only will the nails be protected from daily assaults, but they will be harder and stronger, less likely to break at the slightest glance;
  • Wipe your hands in cold water before applying your polish, which will dry faster;
  • We ban nail polish removers with acetone, which dry out the nails. In pharmacies, you will find acetone-free solvents that are just as effective in removing thevarnish;

Homemade recipes for beautiful hands and beautiful nails


Lemon removes odors, removes cigarette stains and strengthens nails. Also, if your hands are wrinkled from being in the water for a long time (forgot to put on your gloves?), a massage with half a lemon will make your prune skin disappear!

Baking Soda

Effective for cleaning the house, for putting out a kitchen fire, for whitening teeth, baking soda eliminates impregnated odors (bleach included!) and makes hands really soft! Always have some on hand!


Yes! Toothpaste removes lingering odors like fish or garlic!

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