Fight the cold

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Fight the cold
Fight the cold

In winter, our body is affected by the cold. How to fight it and put some sweetness in our heart?


We pamper our body

Winter is often synonymous with dry skin, chapped lips, red noses, dull hair, numb fingers and frozen feet. Not very jojo as a perspective! But the game is not won in advance by winter. To be on the attack, you have to know how to equip yourself well to lead the fight against the attacks of the cold season.

Full body

We tend to cover up too much. We must avoid sweating, since perspiration cools us more. Instead, we recommend covering up like an onion, by multiplying the layers. Thus, when the temperature rises or when you change places, you can remove one or more layers to feel good: neither too cold nor too hot.

Dry air in overheated and poorly ventilated offices dries out the skin. Bar soaps or foams that are too aggressive and abrasive are eliminated and replaced with a cleansing milk or softer products.

We hydrate our skin well. We choose a more nourishing cream than the one we usually take (if we usually have oily skin, we take a cream for normal skin,etc.). We apply a night cream… even during the day to soothe the skin from the aggressions of the wind, the cold, etc.


We cover our heads. We adopt a toque, a hat, a beret or a cap. It doesn't matter, you put something on your noggin, because that's where a lot of body heat escapes.

We carry everywhere with us a lip balm that prevents us from seeing them chapped and cracked. There are also lipsticks that contain more water and therefore hydrate more. Applying a balm softens the lips and protects them from the ravages of the cold.

If our hair tends to be dry and broken, apply a nourishing mask once a week. Attention! We moderate the use of products that weigh them down.


We always wear gloves (or mittens) and especially we put them on before leaving the house. We do not choose a pair that is too small and compresses our fingers, preventing us from moving them and therefore making them more vulnerable.

We find a rich hand cream. We coat our handcuffs before putting on our gloves, at the office and just before bedtime. In short, as many times as you want. We buy a moisturizing mask for the hands and we treat ourselves to this little treatment once a week. A good express treatment for cold-damaged hands!


Same foot thing! Don't stuff them in bootstoo narrow that restrict your movements.

We put on moisturizer after the bath, we put on stockings and let it penetrate for a guaranteed softness effect!

To warm the body… and the heart

Comfortable care, attentions that make you smile, warm advice that melts the ice cubes and bright ideas for the darkest days: we promise the cold won't get the better of us or our morale!

As soon as you get home, put on a comfortable pair of slippers or warm booties. Each member of the family can have a pair of original slippers that bring a little life to the household.


We reconnect with meal soups perfect for warming up. Soups are back on the menu. We simmer vegetables, chicken broth and our favorite spices. Thus, they can be frozen in small portions. Afterwards, we add a little cream or milk, we will have a nice vegetable cream. It is eaten with bread, cheese and pâtés. Delicious!

Hot drinks

We rediscover the virtues of tea. First, it warms up, of course. Also, we continue to praise the antioxidant properties of green tea. We also try herbal infusions to invigorate.

We succumb again to creamy and unctuous hot chocolates after an outing in the great outdoors or a particularly exhausting day. Instant Calming Effect: Stress drops every time. Here is a recipe from Dairy GoodnessCanada just to seduce you.

We like to drink a cup of chicken broth when we feel a little cold, but it can also be soothing to have some to warm up. Homemade (and not with powdered concentrate), the broth proves its worth. According to PasseportSanté.net, some of its constituents provide relief from certain cold symptoms by acting on cells of the immune system. We don't deprive ourselves of it. To find a good recipe, visit The Grocer.

We're warming up

We multiply throws and comforters. We organize “collé-collé” evenings where everyone snuggles up under a warm duvet. A sweetness to repeat often!

We massage as a couple or as a family. We discover relaxing massage balms or with inviting scents to soothe sore muscles between lovers. We make a massage lotion for the feet for a fun and relaxing family session (olive or grapeseed oil, granulated sugar and a few drops of lavender essential oil).

We buy ourselves a nice set of pajamas. For once, we treat ourselves and we also buy a fluffy dressing gown that will take us far from the cold and our worries as soon as we put it on!

The virtues of the bath, we must not diminish them! We coat our skin with sweet almond oil before slipping into the water, we pour a little (or a lot!) of bubble bath or we put herbs or dried flowers,even a tea bag. Perfect for setting a course for relaxation and feeling a thousand miles from winter. Be careful not to take too hot baths (too often!).

There is a compact disc of Latin music or music reminiscent of hot countries. Nice to jiggle as the flakes fall!

Simmered dishes, we never love them as much as in the middle of a difficult winter. We try new spices to spice up our dishes and put some sunshine in the winter.

We rob the library and have a great afternoon reading at home. We choose soothing and inspiring books or stories that warm our hearts.


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