The Best Unisex Baby Names

The Best Unisex Baby Names
The Best Unisex Baby Names

Just because you don't know the sex of your child yet doesn't mean you can't already find a first name! Here are some neutral baby name ideas to inspire you.



The diminutive of Alexandra, Alexandre or Alexis works equally well for a boy and a girl. Because this name is similar to a diminutive, it immediately gives a sense of closeness and even though it is only in 53e position in boys and 681 e position among girls, it is a first name that does not sound too "original", whether for a girl or a boy.


Lou is one of the most popular neutral first names in recent years in the French-speaking world. It is the first name of Lou, the daughter of the comics, but also of Lou Reed and Lou Gehrig. It is therefore a first name that goes very well whether you are a boy or a girl, even if it is a derivative of Louis.


The name Dominique comes from the Latin dominus, which means master, and can be worn by both boys and girls. This name has lost popularity since the 80s, but it remains a sober name that is very easy to wear.


The name given to the little boyintended to visit a chocolate factory in the film of the same name is now used much more for girls than for boys. In 2014, there were 348 little Charlies versus 48 boys, but it's still a great name no matter what gender your baby is.


Very common in Catholic countries, the first name Emmanuel turned into Emmanuelle, then Emma, one of the most popular first names of the last fifteen years. Another diminutive, Manu, is also used for both boys and girls.


Max or Max

Even if there are still many more boys than girls who have the first name Maxime, it is a name that is gaining popularity among girls. This first name comes from the Latin Maximus and traditionally designated "the greatest" or the eldest of the family.

Sasha or Sasha

Without being very common, the name Sasha has almost exactly the same statistics for boys and girls. Sasha is the Russian diminutive of the Greek given name Alexander. This first name was popular in Eastern Europe for a long time before reaching us.

Sky or Skye

The first name Sky, without the "e", means "sky" and with the "e", it refers to a Scottish island. In the 90s, the first names Skye and Sky were more often attributed to boys, in life and in popular culture, especially in video games. In recent years, with the rising popularity of Sky Ferreira, more and more girls are adopting this name.


Morgan is also a very pretty name, whether for a boy or for a girl and which means “who was born from the sea”. We celebrate Morgan/Morgan on October 8.


Much more popular among girls, Camille is still considered a mixed first name and can very well be worn by a boy. It was also much more used to name men before the 1980s. The Latin origin of this first name designates altar boys who, at the time, came from noble families.

Other unisex names

  • Michel/Michèle
  • Daniel/Danielle
  • Pier/Stone
  • Frederic/Frederic
  • Gabriel/Gabrielle
  • Pascal/Pascale
  • Raphael/Raphaëlle
  • Gaël/Gaëlle
  • Manual/Manual

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