10 simple ideas for Valentine's Day

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10 simple ideas for Valentine's Day
10 simple ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of a combination of intimacy, affection, feelings, humor and complicity. Take the opportunity to replenish your hugs!


We break the routine

Do you have a guest room? Take advantage of this space for a romantic setting: soft lighting, fragrant candle, tray of appetizers and festive drink. Changing rooms will bring a bit of novelty to your evening, like going to a hotel, less expenses!

Music, maestro

Prepare a disc from a selection of languorous songs that invite you to stick together! Do you need specific ideas? We give it to you! Don't have these songs? Buy them online (iTunes) and make them a favorite disc of your romantic evenings!

10 songs… inspiring

  • Need your love so bad, Sting
  • Please, send me someone to love, Sade
  • By your side, Sade
  • Impossible, Christine Aguilera
  • Help me get through the night, Annie Blanchard
  • Stay, Charles Aznavour
  • How can you mend a broken heart, Al Green
  • You are so beautiful, Joe Cocker
  • I've got yo under my skin, Diana Krall
  • I'drather go blind, Rod Stewart

Check out our article The most beautiful love songs.

Sweet words

Stick love Post-its and naughty little messages everywhere! Around the handle of his toothbrush, on the rear view mirror of his car, in his purse… Just like in the days of dating! You need help? There are sites to help you formulate your feelings!

  • The sweet words generator: really fun! We choose from the sentences that most resemble us and our message is written almost on its own! Perfect for those who lack a bit of inspiration, but really want to say something pretty. Great! A Google search will give you even more choices and options.
  • Box A thousand words of love: the boxes contain dozens of letters from writers and artists, letters from Impatients and some from the general public. Not only will you find inspiration and emotion, but you will participate in a good cause, that of helping mental illnesses.

Technology at the service of love

Bombard your better half with tender emails or text messages on her cell phone! Do you have a lot to say and want something other than a traditional greeting card? A few minutes are enough to have your personal page, it's really easy! Open your blog and let yourself go! As you can restrict access, only your love will have access to this link!

  • Google
  • Quebec Blog

We forget everything else

Focus on your presence. Pay attention to him. No criticism, no interruptions, just shining eyes and compliments! We are not talking about children, work, family; we talk about love!

Kissing Marathon

Kiss! Declare a quarter of an hour of kisses at will! What a great way to reconnect with love!

A naughty list

A beautiful rolled up piece of paper, tied with a ribbon (red, of course!) to write down an uncensored list of everything you love about your partner. Write down whatever comes to mind and give it to her!

Surprise Cookies

Give her a box of her favorite cookies and personalize it! Under each treat, place a word of love, a keyword, a wish, a compliment.


If you can't afford a fiery night of love, it's still possible to make bedtime fun! Edge your better half, give her little kisses on the eyes and little relaxing massages, declaring your love of course!

Nature's accomplices

Turn off the TV and turn off the lights. Watch the sky from the living room window or go out for a walk under the stars. Hold hands and let the silence carry you…

Remember, showing your love shouldn't just be about celebrating Valentine's Day! Make it a regular date!


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