15 ideas for cooling off

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15 ideas for cooling off
15 ideas for cooling off

Hot weather forecast again? If you don't know what to do to cool off, here are 15 great ideas to refresh your body… and your mind!



We drink a lot, a lot, a lot of water! We fill gourds and place them in the refrigerator to always have cold water on hand. And above all, we drink even if we are not thirsty… otherwise, we will dehydrate quickly.

The hot shower before bedtime

Don't overdo it, though! There are limits to adding heat to ambient heat! However, it is true that a hot shower is more effective than a cold shower for cooling down.

The Pool

Anytime is wonderful. But the dip in the pool just before going to bed is very cool!

Indoor Camping

Is it terribly hot in the rooms? Why not turn the basement into a campground with the little family for bedtime?

Outdoor Camping

Is it terribly hot in the bedrooms and in the basement? Turn the backyard into a campground with the little family for bedtime. In a tent or under the stars?

Air conditioning

Don't have any at home?Consider window shopping at the mall or going to see a movie at the cinema. Looking for air-conditioned places is an excellent solution to the heat wave.

Ice pack

We tuck our ice pack with us… and sleep in bed with it. You can also put your pillow in the freezer to cool it down. Good sleep!

The dehumidifier

You don't have gills and the humidity is overwhelming you? Installed in the most catastrophically hot rooms, dehumidifiers will help make the air a little more breathable.


You don't have air conditioning at home? Install fans in strategic places to distribute the air in the different rooms.

Fans near windows

The nights are cooler than the day? Take advantage of the night to redistribute the coolness of the outside in the different rooms using fans placed near the windows.

Curtains closed

During heat waves, close the curtains or blinds in the windows facing the most intense part of the day. This way you will accumulate less heat inside.

Wearing wet clothing

Run your clothes in cold water, wring them generously, to remove excess water (replacing a heat wave with water damage isn't more fun) and go about your business with a little more freshness.

Feet in the water

Likethe extremities of the body are more sensitive to heat and cold, why not take a wonderful foot bath in cold water?

The cold buffet

It's hot, so why cook with three burners on, or the oven, and even melt in front of the BBQ? Eat fruit, sandwiches and drink plenty of fresh water. Then, for that matter, no limit on popsicles!

The Placebo Movie

Your cozy little nest is a real stove because of the heat wave. Recreate chilly conditions by watching a film evoking the cold. Listen again for the 100th time The Ice Queen (Frozen). Relive the frozen area by watching the IceAge. Transport yourself to the North Pole with the film In the footsteps of Santa Claus (The Santa ClausE). Go for a ride to the South Pole with The March of the Penguins. Bury yourself under the ice with the film The Day After Tomorrow. And why not do it with the curtains closed, wearing damp clothes, placing a cold water washcloth on your forehead and a cold magic bag on your back, taking a cold water foot bath and eating popsicles? Thrills guaranteed!


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