What they think of their father

What they think of their father
What they think of their father

To celebrate Father's Day, we asked a group of teenage girls to tell us what they remember about their fathers. What they answered us is both kind, surprising and touching.


A father who likes to laugh and please

“My dad is the kind of dad who likes to laugh and make people happy. When I was about ten years old, my father taught me how to slaughter our chickens. I lived on a small farm, with cows, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs. I also like him because he is always attentive. I love it when he says 'I love you'"

- Raph, 17

An absent father, but I still love him

“My father, I love him. I like when he sings and plays music, I like when he cooks. But my father never had the trick with fatherhood. He taught me nothing, except one thing: you have to stop waiting for others to find happiness, surround yourself with the right people and live your life as you want. »

- Lou, 14 years old

A traveling father who enjoys every moment

“My father is special because even when he is far away, he would do anything for his three princesses. When he's here he's always ready for usto make us laugh or to make us eat. »

- Sarah, 17 years old

An Awesome Second Dad

“My dad is awesome, he works at Electronic Arts (EA). So he brings me a lot of video games. This father is the best that can exist, because even if he is addicted to cleaning, he loves me very much and he teaches me to play the drums and to ride a scooter. He met my mom when I was about a year old, so he's not my real dad, but he did all the work: he loved me, fed me, and put me to sleep. Well, my father is like that! »

-Sky, 12 years old

A father friend of nature

“I love my father very much! He taught me to look beyond appearances and share my we alth with others. Above all, he taught me how to make myself a tree. That is to say, make contact with the tree and “become a tree” to be calm, strong, courageous and straight like a tree because a tree has a hard life, but it holds. It's a good way to get in touch with nature, it's even pleasant. »

- Lomé, 15 years old

A Father You Can Count On

“My father has always been someone I trusted. Despite the fact that I don't see him often, I know he will always be there for me, no matter what. In the ups and downs, dad always made me smile and that I will never forget. »

-Flo, 15 years old

A positive father

“I see my father as a devoted and very positive father in life. I love her so much. The thing I like the most about him,it is his talent in the kitchen! He also taught me to always see the bright side of life. »

- Caro, 12 years old

A strong father

“I personally see him as an overprotective hero. I actually adore him, he was the one who taught me to hunt, to fish and especially to put a worm on the rod! He taught me a lot of things about life. And I thank him with all my heart for the love he has for me without saying it out loud. »

- Daphnée, 15 years old

A model, a hero

“To me, my father is more than a friend, more than a member of my family, more than a confidant. For me, he is a model of life, a hero who accepts me as I am despite my mistakes and who loves me no matter what. »

- Catma, 16 years old

A father who inspires from a distance

“My dad lives away from me and I really don't see him often, but we're a lot alike. He accepts my choices and I like him very much. We have the same ambitions and I take a lot from him. It's my model. »

- Linou, 14 years old

A Protective Father

“My father has always been there for me. When I was younger, I found him intense, too protective, but as I got older I realized that he only does this to protect me and that when someone hurt me, it affected him too. If he was so protective, it's simply because he loves me and he doesn't want anyone to hurt me. »

- Sandrine, 17 years old

A father who is gone toofast

“Dad, I think he didn’t stay long enough. I often wonder what he thinks of the things I do, what he would say to me about the questions I ask myself, it seems to me that he would understand me. I wonder what he would think of the guy I think I'm in love with, the career choice I have in mind. I would take a tip or two from him. I would like to take the time to discuss with him. Thinking that he would have to leave his family because of illness, he probably thought about all that, what I would do later, the choices I would have to make, the people I would meet…the fact that he would miss that. He may have wondered what I would think of him, what he left me. My father, he was brave, loving, strong, curious, intelligent, present, he knew how to listen. I think I'm lucky to have had a father like him. He knew how to transmit so much to me, in a short time. Despite the memories that fade a little, I talk to him often. My father, I trust him, I know he is always with me. »

- Geneviève, 16 years old

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