How did I become a Mom after more than 8 IVF and 7 years of baby trials?

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How did I become a Mom after more than 8 IVF and 7 years of baby trials?
How did I become a Mom after more than 8 IVF and 7 years of baby trials?

How can we feel psychologically supported when sadness, fears and stress take over our lives?


Many couples often feel negative emotions when the wait is long. These feelings act directly on our desires, our behaviors, our psychological suffering which can also lead to physical pain.

My name is Isabelle, I am Franco-Australian and the happy mother of a very beautiful 3-year-old princess. At the age of 28, everything was wonderful. My husband and I were living in Australia after working for 1 year in China. I had no idea that my professional, social and personal life would be turned upside down by multiple IVFs until I was 35. The feeling of losing control was intimately linked to a lack of human support and advice to improve my fertility through natural methods.

It is with great emotion that I reveal to you today my story which made me realize my new destiny.

Baby trials begin in Australia

With hindsight, I am convinced that all the difficulties encountered in my career were not the result of chance. They allowed me to highlight a newapproach to help women wanting a baby.

It all started with 7 months of no period. My pituitary adenoma associated with stopping the contraceptive pill led to a real hormonal imbalance. My body succeeded after a heavy drug treatment to regain its balance.

Still not pregnant two and a half years later, I contacted Australian fertility specialist Melissa. At 31, after 2 unsuccessful inseminations, she referred us to IVF.

1st IVF

I was physically and emotionally unprepared. The stimulation had gone well thanks to my husband who played the role of nurse. Melissa was optimistic “you are young and respond well to treatment with 25 eggs”. The day after the puncture, the pain of overstimulation prevented me from walking. However, I was happy to know that 75% of my oocytes had become embryos in 24 hours! But the transfer was a shock. Without any emotion, the embryologist told me suddenly “your embryos did not hold up after 48 hours, except 1 which is of very poor quality. I estimate your chances of pregnancy at 2%. My heart stopped beating, I was stunned, abandoned with all my questions and my anxieties.

Polycystic ovary syndrome and hyperstimulation

Out of 8 IVFs, I had 5 hyperstimulations. Having suffered a lot, I always kept a steel mind to get up and move forward. My husband and my family have been very supportive of me. I knew wewould one day have our baby. We always had to keep believing in our dream.

Late Discovery: Endometriosis

We only discovered endometriosis after my 3rd IVF. The surgery (laparoscopy) was very painful but it allowed me to move forward in my journey.

My observation after 7 IVF

I realized that my hormonal changes acted directly on my behavior. My emotions and the search for a better harmony of my body and my mind had never been taken into account by a specialist. My suffering doubled after a pulmonary complication linked to the puncture of 32 oocytes. Subsequently, the firefighters intervened at my place of work.

The severe overstimulation was made worse by my isolation. I measured how essential it would have been to be accompanied by a coach in addition to the support of my husband and my loved ones.

2016: China, Australia, Singapore

My 10 years of expatriation allowed me to see that the complementary approaches in these countries were more widespread than in France. They helped create my own "fertility support" on a psychological and physical level with a 100% natural approach respecting my female cycle.

2017: Fertility trip to Bali

After discovering a very gentle Yoga in Singapore, I organized my own tailor-made stay in Indonesia in a "Yoga Retreat". My goal was to improve my fertility before transferring my embryo to Madrid.

2018: embryo transfer in Spain

We decided to try our luck in Spain, a country with very advanced techniques in ART: embryoscope and detection of chromosomal abnormalities. With perseverance and confidence, the transfer worked!

Birth and click

My journey naturally led me to a new destiny.

By listening to my heart, I followed a professional retraining to devote myself fully to my dream of supporting women. I am certified "Fertility Yoga Teacher" by the Australian Ana Davis and Sue Dumais, teacher in Canada, as well as Coach in Positive Psychology.

I thank my daughter for opening my eyes. She was my greatest source of motivation to create my support for women. The Fertility Boost Methodwas born thanks to her.


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