14 unmistakable signs or symptoms of pregnancy

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14 unmistakable signs or symptoms of pregnancy
14 unmistakable signs or symptoms of pregnancy

Are you wondering if you are pregnant? These 14 Early Pregnancy Symptoms should give you a heads up and make you want to buy a pregnancy test.


Sign or symptom 1: Period delay

You may not always be regular and your period may be slightly off due to hormonal changes or strong emotions, for example, but when you are very late in your period, this is usually the time to buy a pregnancy test.

Sign or symptom 2: Sensitive nipples

Are you wondering what a woman's breasts look like in early pregnancy? Do you remember your teenage years? The sensitive nipple that pulls and seems to want to gain volume? Do you remember the fear of touching them with your bra for fear of hurting yourself? At the beginning of pregnancy, it's the same! Sore breasts are a popular sign of pregnancy. Many women who have already been pregnant recognize a new pregnancy when this symptom appears.

Sign or symptom 3: Nausea

Is it gastro or food that went wrong? If after several days your nausea is stillthere, ready to show up again, this is a symptom of pregnancy! So maybe it's pregnancy that's upsetting your digestive system.

Sign or symptom 4: Disdain for meat

The very thought of eating a steak or a slice of ham has the same effect on you as the smell of a swamp? Or on the contrary do you have sudden cravings for a special dish? Funny tastes are a sign of pregnancy for some women.

Sign or symptom 5: Tightness in the lower abdomen

Tightening, pulling, bulging, and feeling like it's muscled itself overnight is sometimes a sign of your uterus preparing for a possible pregnancy.

Sign or symptom 6: Nosebleeds

Progesterone and estrogen can cause nosebleeds by dilating blood vessels and putting pressure on the very small channels that supply blood to your nose. Usually, nosebleeds happen in the second trimester, but for some women, nosebleeds are among the very first symptoms of pregnancy.

Sign or symptom 7: Strong sense of smell

If you perceive culinary intricacies that you haven't had access to until now, if you smell the garbage truck a mile away and if you start to recognize people by the smell, it may be -be the pregnancy estrogen that gives you olfactory superpowers.

Sign or symptom 8: Appetite

Eat hisplate, finishing that of your lover and asking for dessert when you are used to having a bird's appetite can be another sign of pregnancy. Some are too sick to eat, others are ravenous.

Sign or symptom 9: Restlessness

Do you feel like nothing is going your way, that everything is going wrong and that the whole planet is trying to do the exact opposite of what you would have liked? Maybe it's just because you were hungry… or maybe you're pregnant.

Sign or symptom 10: Dizziness

In early pregnancy, progesterone can lower your blood pressure and cause dizziness in pregnant women. This is another pregnancy symptom that should give you a heads up.

Sign or symptom 11: Urge to pee

The urges to urinate that are becoming more frequent and that must be responded to more and more quickly also tell you that pregnancy hormones are there.

Sign or symptom 12: Different vaginal discharge

If you suddenly have a much heavier discharge, they are odorless, you are not ovulating and there is no explanation for this change, it may be a pregnancy symptom.

Sign or symptom 13: Darker nipples

Darker, slightly bulging nipples that add to breast tenderness are also a symptom of pregnancy. It is also possible that the nipples get bigger and that smallballs form all around. It is the Montgomery glands that will eventually lubricate the areolas and protect them from dryness and cracking during breastfeeding.

Sign or symptom 14: Tiredness

Finally, if you suffer from unusual fatigue, it could also be because of pregnancy hormones which have a great influence on your energy, especially during the first trimester.


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