Adorable Chewable Vitamin C Test Bench - the results

Adorable Chewable Vitamin C Test Bench - the results
Adorable Chewable Vitamin C Test Bench - the results
Anonim asked 15 moms of kids ages 2-12 to test WAMPOLE's Adorable® Vitamin C Chewable Tablets ®. Here are their comments.


Participants in this test bed received a bottle containing 90 chewable tablets of dye-free Vitamin C, orange flavor, valued at $6.49. The 15 moms had a period of 2 weeks to test.

Adorable Chewable Vitamin C® from WAMPOLE®

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps maintain good he alth. When food is not sufficient to reach the recommended level according to the child's age, vitamin C tablets are indicated.

Adorable Orange Flavor Chewable Vitamin C Tablets® contain 200 mg of ascorbic acid. Without dye, and with their good orange taste that does not make you wince, they are perfect for children from 1 to 18 years old.

Here are the comments of the 15 test bench participants

The flavor is very good. I have 3 children. First a 10 year old boy, an 8 year old girl and another 5 year old. All 3 liked the taste. It was unanimous! I am very happy to have been chosento test this product. It is not a product that I would have chosen to buy from the outset, but now that I have had the opportunity to try it, I will definitely buy this product. My children liked it very much. Thank you!

V. Prévost, Beaumont

I had my 2 year old daughter try vitamin C and she really liked it. Every morning, she reminded me that she had to take her pill. I didn't expect to see any noticeable results, but since taking the vitamins, she has less difficulty having a bowel movement. She also tended to always have a little cold all winter, but nothing since. I have no bad comments to say about these vitamins. I will buy more, guaranteed.

M-P. Bergeron, The Bay

The flavor. Easy to chew for a child. No negative points to submit. This is the first time I have given chewable vitamins to my two-year-old. I was a little apprehensive about his reaction, but on the contrary, he really likes them. He's the one who asks me. I am satisfied with this product.

M-J. Laprise, Ste-Brigitte-de-Laval

My three daughters found the vitamin easy to chew and dissolved quickly in their mouths. For my oldest (8 years old), the taste was very good and she was the one who thought about taking the vitamin every day. The size of the vitamin is also perfect whether it is for a 3 year old, 6 year old or 8 year old. The dosage on the package is easy to read and very understandable. It is not easy tofind negative points to this vitamin. However, my 3 and 6 year old daughters didn't like the taste much. The little one did not want to complete the two-week cycle. On the other hand, the 6-year-old finished it without much insistence. I think that deep down she really liked it. For packaging, it would be interesting to have a container that is more difficult to open for child safety. But for the rest, I am very satisfied! I did the Adorable Chewable Vitamin C Benchmark with my three daughters. I am really satisfied with the product. My daughters, apart from the youngest, really liked the vitamins. Easy to chew, tastes great and dissolves quickly in your mouth with no aftertaste, it's fantastic. I shouldn't mention it, but I have to say that I tried it myself! Thanks to Wampole for giving me the chance to discover this new product. You can definitely count on a new client!

M. Desaulniers, Montreal

The pill is a good size for a two year old. It is easy to chew and swallow. Moreover, it has no aftertaste in the mouth. Its orange flavor helps a lot to pass it on to children. Our boy was hesitant to take the first pill, because he is a child to whom we do not pass anything, but the next morning everything went well. We would give the pill in the morning and our boy would get all excited about getting his pill. He asked for another each time. He even made us think of giving him oneif we forgot. We would recommend this product to parents who have children who do not eat anything. And we will continue to give this product to all our children.

A. Lachance, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

Very interesting as a new product line. My 4 year old daughter has been using the Adorable Vitamin C since we received it and she “loves” it, she asks for it every morning. To have tasted it, the flavor is pleasant and does not leave an aftertaste in the mouth. The colors of the new brand as well as the packaging of its products are very pretty, very family-friendly! I took the opportunity to give my 7-year-old a taste as well, but unfortunately she didn't like the taste and didn't want to try it a second time. The cost is good, however I would be more inclined to buy the complete multivitamin which contains vitamin C rather than only vitamin C. As food varies from day to day, especially in the winter season of colds and germs, I find the multivitamin more interesting. I intend to keep an eye out for the Adorable product line depending on the needs we will have at home. I don't think I'm buying vitamin C, but I'm very happy to have tasted it, it gives me an idea of the kind of flavor offered by the range. I will probably have the cough syrup and the multivitamin in my pharmacy soon.

A-M. Boudreault, Vaudreuil-Dorion

The shape of the vitamin resembles the shape of a candy. My daughter asked meher own vitamin candy in the morning. The taste is good and it does not leave a vitamin aftertaste like other vitamins do. The cap unscrews easily for a child, it would be safer to modify it to prevent a child from opening it himself and taking a large quantity. My daughter wants more. She really likes the orange taste which is not too strong and looks like a natural orange taste. As the vitamin can be consumed until the age of 18, it becomes a habit that my child can keep for a long time. The shape which is quite large also allows it to be less suffocating for a young child by crunching it. I recommend this product without hesitation.

N. Chevalier, St-Paul

I liked the good taste, the fact that the product is dye-free, the product is easy to chew. The cap of the container that can be easily opened by a child, the fact that the product contains sorbitol and sucralose instead of real sugar. My 4 and 6 year olds absolutely loved incorporating Adorable Chewable Vitamin C into their morning routine. The vitamins taste so good that they conceive of taking these as a reward! For my part, I appreciate the format of the vitamins for their small mouth and the fact that they are easy to chew. In short, the children are happy and the mother too since I know that Adorable chewable vitamin C can help maintain their good he alth.

M. Robitaille, Trois-Rivières

My child mentions liking the flavororange of this product, he asks for his vitamins every morning and indicates that these are his he alth candies for the day. The colorful bottle catches the eye and it's easy to read the information on the bottle. I personally find that 3 tablets a day is a lot. I would have preferred just one pill. I find the size of the tablets to be a little too big especially when dealing with younger children. We liked the product in general. As for my son, he loves to take his vitamins and for him it is a he alth candy. The product has a good smell and is attractive in the container. We have not yet noticed any effect on the general he alth of our child, but we believe that the vitamins will be able to fill the small gaps of his week. Good general product. As for the price, we cannot compare, because we have not checked the price of the product in store. I believe that drawing an orange on the pills could also appeal to the child, because in pharmacies a child is definitely more attracted to character-style vitamins than just colored tablets. Thank you!

M-C. Jolin, Quebec

They taste very good; the children prefer them to others that we already had at home! They were amazed at how similar the orange flavor is to a real orange! The dosage is different depending on the age. At home, depending on the age of my children, it varies between 1 and 3 tablets per day. But for childrenages 9-18, this can be up to 6 tablets a day! At the moment I consider the pot to go down fast and they are not on the teen dosage yet! So, I think they can be expensive to use if we respect the dosage, because two weeks later in our family, the jar is almost empty! Adorable Chewable Vitamin C is great tasting. Children prefer them to others, and they never forget to take them. They are often the ones who remind us to give them their daily vitamins! However, we have found in use that the pot goes down quickly when we respect the recommended daily dose according to the age of the child. And my children are still young, so they are not yet in the age group that consumes the most vitamin C per day. So, having a big family, I'm not convinced that I'll buy it every time it's gone. That being said, we liked this product and it will be part of my future purchases, on occasion.

M-A. Leblanc, Scott

I think the packaging is nice. The vitamins taste great, my son found them good and so did my teen. They don't taste too much like powder and are easy to chew. I find that for a two and a half year old, the vitamins are a little big, I was so afraid that he would choke that I cut them in half before giving them to him. I think it would be possible to make it smaller for toddlers. For the older ones, I would increasethe dosage to avoid having 3-4 vitamins to take every day. As my son is only 2 and a half years old and eats a lot of fruit, it is difficult to say if taking vitamins has an impact on him. On the other hand, I also gave it to my teenager who was a little insulted to take the same vitamins as his little brother. I took it too to taste it. My most important comment is about the size of the vitamins and the danger of choking for the little ones.

M-C. Touchette, St-Hubert

Excellent taste. Easy to chew. Not sure they would be adequate for a 1 year old. Although they are easy to chew, they are the perfect size and shape for choking. My son liked the vitamins, they don't have the medicated aftertaste others may have. He takes his vitamin every morning without refusing!

C. Marier, Verdun

Good orange taste. It doesn't look like a children's vitamin. Changing the form of the vitamin would be more appealing to children (in the form of an orange example).

J. Villemaire, Châteauguay

The taste is good and the texture too. These vitamins seem to us without additives, as we were able to check on the packaging. My 13 year old daughter loves them, my boyfriend and me too. We like to let them melt in your mouth. My youngest son is not interested in these vitamins or any other for that matter except those that have a gelatinous or "gummy" texture. In his case, he also seeks the taste of sugar, because he has thesweet tooth. We will buy these vitamins for the whole family. We really like them because they are natural, without additives, and they taste great. We take vitamin D and C daily. As for the youngest, we have to break it up with a fork and add it to jams, that's the only way he takes it, as it's the case of all vitamins except "gummy".

I. Blackburn, Boischatel

I like the vibrant colors on the packaging which makes it attractive. The price/quality ratio is good. Vitamins taste good. The packaging is not childproof and therefore becomes dangerous for children who may think it is candy. The fact that the vitamins only contain vitamin c is a negative for me since I prefer a more complete vitamin. My two daughters aged 5 and 7 loved them. They liked their taste and the fact that the vitamins were easy to chew. For my part, I prefer to give complete vitamins to my children so I don't think I would buy any.

J. Paré, Laval


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