10 tips to make him love reading

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10 tips to make him love reading
10 tips to make him love reading

Rain or shine, the book is a wonderful companion! Here are 10 tips to make your child love reading.


Read her several stories

The more the child is exposed to stories and to books in general, the more reading will become an integral part of their daily life. Each story conveys new concepts and broadens its scope of interest.

Teach him rhymes and songs

Growing up, we were all exposed to rhymes, rhymes, jingles, and children's songs. Many of them resonate in our heads, even today! Rhymes and songs are creative ways to encourage memorization and love of words. Singing as a family while traveling in the car, taking a walk or doing a household chore, and adding gestures to the dance steps, you make it a most enjoyable and complete experience!

Pleasure first

Learning to read is long and difficult, and there's no point hiding it from your child. However, you can make him aware of the pleasure he will be able to derive from it.

Have you just read a novel or an article that fascinated you? Talk it over! Seeing you manifest yourenthusiasm, hearing you say that you like to read, your child will really want to access this mysterious happiness in turn!

Increase your vocabulary bank

Depending on their skill level, your child can read a story, you can read a story to him or take turns. When the story is over, invite him to identify his favorite excerpts or strange and new words. The duet reading allows the child to pause on certain words, listen to your explanations and question you again and again! If his curiosity is satisfied, he will retain the word or concept in question all the more.

Enjoy games to develop skills

After a trip to the park or a family activity, encourage your child to make up or write a story about their experience. You can also take the opportunity to write a mini play or create a drawing exhibition with an explanatory caption to share with other family members and friends.

Point to words occasionally when reading a story

Drawing his attention to words makes him realize that there is a written word that can then be read to describe an object or feeling he already knows. Repeatedly seeing the words mom, cat, home, etc. allows him to recognize them during another reading and he will be very proud to show you that he "knows how to read".

Encourage him to write every day

By encouraging writing on occasionfun activities, you help him enjoy reading and writing. Encourage your child to keep a daily diary of their experiences, even if it means writing it yourself following their instructions. Encourage him to write a letter to a different family member each week or correspond with a neighborhood child. Children love to receive mail, you will see it in his delighted expression when he reads his name on an envelope!

Provide him a sweet spot

Choose a place in the house that is especially suitable for reading. Place a bag chair, a child's sofa or a colorful chair there to make it a welcoming and pleasant place to read. Of course, you would also need a small bookcase to hold his reading treasures! A unique environment can help even reluctant readers.

Lead by example

Children learn by example. If parents incorporate reading into their own lives, chances are their child will want to do the same. Encourage your child to set reading goals and when they achieve them, give them a special sticker or a reading certificate. They love it!

A time for reading

By establishing a reading routine, the child will want more! Both you and your child can read together or separately. Toddlers need as much special time with books and other literature as they can get.

Happy reading!

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