10 autumn names

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10 autumn names
10 autumn names

Autumn in Quebec, with its colors and harvests, is a generous time in every respect. Moreover, we took the opportunity to unearth 10 first names that directly refer to this season of abundance and inspiration.




Flavie means "blond" or "yellow". This first name makes us think of maple leaves and wheat fields in the fall. The Flavies would have a gentle and discreet personality. They are said to possess all the qualities of the heart and are very thoughtful.


At the time when Michel Louvain interpreted the song Sylvie, this first name was very popular. Today it is almost forgotten. Since 2011, according to Retraite Québec's bank of first names, only 9 have been born in Quebec. With a Latin etymological root which means "the forest", the Sylvies are real little fairies, energetic and friendly although possessive.


Apple is the name of the granddaughter of actress Gwyneth P altrow and singer Chris Martin. Since 2011, in Quebec, no girl has been baptized this way. Of course, Apple means "apple" and thefirstname refers directly to the fruit. He invokes a very sweet and charming temperament.


For the Irish, this name refers to a mythical forest where important kings would have resided. In Gaelic, Tara translates as “hill”. In 2016, in the beautiful province, they were only six to bear this first name. It is said that the Tara are particularly intelligent. On the other hand, they have a reputation for being nervous and lacking in self-confidence.


Ginger, for ginger. A name that reminds us of autumnal spices and is synonymous with comfort. Although we attribute the qualifiers of charming, communicative and sociable to the Ginger, it is a name that seems forgotten in Quebec. Indeed, since 2011, no one has been baptized in this way.

At the boys


Keith means "the wind" in Celtic. One might hesitate to name his child as such since this name suggests great storms and indeed, it is said that the little Keiths would be energetic and dynamic. They would also be sensitive to flattery, but so charming!


Aurèle means “in gold”. This magnificent male name evokes the great wheat fields at the end of summer. It is said that little Aurèle is tenacious. When he has an idea in his head, he doesn't have it in his feet. At this point, you could almost call him obstinate. Fortunately for him, he is said to have a lot of charm.


A tree venerated by the Germans, that's itthe origin of the first name Erwan. Intelligent and extremely demanding in love and friendship, such would be the Erwans. They are also said to tend to procrastinate which can be a nice quality.


The Dimitri are said to have a natural Imperial temperament. They would also be authoritarian and ambitious. Dimitri means "earth lover" and he seems to fit perfectly with the little men born in autumn.


In autumn, the earth gives us its fruits. It is the time of the year when we harvest and Nathan, precisely, means "he gave", in Hebrew. In Quebec, it is a rather popular first name since in 2016, 614 Nathan babies were born. The Nathans would be sensitive and very close to their mother.


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