Invented names: an upward trend

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Invented names: an upward trend
Invented names: an upward trend

For some parents, the most important thing when choosing a baby name is o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l-i-t-e. They don't want Emma or Thomas! So they invent the first name of their child. Here are some ideas from our readers.


2 names in 1

Some parents choose to combine two names that they particularly like and merge them into one. This is how original first names are born, with sounds that we know but whose assembly is (or can be) surprising.

Girls: Anaïk, Zoélie, Maëllie, Noélie, Alixya, Laurika, Izalie, Evelina, Océlie, Emrose

Boys: Kyliam, Maxandre, Alexim, Thélyo

Create a new compound name

Did they hesitate between two first names? Or, dad liked one and mom preferred the other? Too bad, we make a new compound first name by putting them both one after the other. Uniqueness guaranteed!

Girls: Miakim, Audrey Jade, Amy-Lee, Elly-Jade, Eva May, Jessie-Anne, Annelyne

Boys: Kyle-Yann, Noah-James, Louis-Patrick, Zack-Alexis, Ben-Lee, Louis-Théo

Change or add a letter, a syllable

Some parents say they have “fallen in love” with a first name but, finding it too common, they wanted to change it a little… give it a little something new.

Girls: Ophelia, Léana, Delphie

Boys: Natheo, Nohlan, Noïc

Over 5000 ideas

Looking for the perfect name for your brand new baby? Consult our bank of first names.

Another way to spell

Here, the concept is a little more advanced: we choose a "known" first name (and sometimes very popular) but we change the ways of writing it… in part or in full. Are you the "why not" clan or the "oh no, they'll still have to spell it" clan?

Girls: Sharlee (Charlie), Marijane (Marie-Jeanne), Auphélie

Boys: Jay-Rémy (Jérémi), Anhtony, D'ereck

Meaning First

A trip, a grandparent, mythology, beliefs, a memory… What is at the origin of a first name is very personal. Some parents opt for a first name that evokes something special for them. Here are some of their ideas.

Girls: Ozïrys (Greek god), Aria (Game of Thones character), Oya (flower), Aïnhoa (pretty Basque village), Soléa (sun)

Boys: Sansilia (meaningful), Kali (Buddhist goddess), Priam (Greek mythology), Paskua (midday sun, Native American origin), Nithael (angel), Tillian (power in languageGermanic)

A first name 100% imagined

Why not invent a first name from scratch? We love it or we hate it but one thing is certain, these names are not only creative: they are unique!

Girls: Miukï, Iradèle, FéelyAnne, Kanjade, Aysia, Émyëlle, Joline

Boys: Célyann, Maloa, Yoris, Aslan


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