10 first names synonymous with victory

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10 first names synonymous with victory
10 first names synonymous with victory

Maybe you've been waiting, long-awaited, for that baby to come… Lo and behold, the dream is well and truly coming true now and soon, you'll be holding it in your arms! Here are ten first names, female and male, inspired by the word "victory".




This is THE first name that embodies victory, just like its pretty derivative Victoria and its compound names Marie-Victoire or Anne-Victoire. This first name can be a very original choice since few parents have chosen it since 2011, according to the Bank of first names of Quebec (less than 5 per year). Intuitive, courageous and persevering, the little Victoires are also said to be gentle, tolerant and sociable.


Vicky is a first name derived from Victoire… yet so different! Its meaning is therefore the same: victory. It is also a rare first name: about a dozen little girls have been given this name every year for the past six years. Curious, Vicky would be a child overflowing with energy and joy.


We love this first name, and its derivative Laly, which means "joy". Strong in character, efficient and discreet, Laeticia would be enthusiastic and committed. If Laeticia is very littlepopular in Quebec for the past six years (in 2016 the first name was chosen only 8 times by parents), Laly is even rarer (8 girls have been given this name since 2011).


Some believe that Mila is of Spanish origin and means “miracle”; others maintain that it is rather Slavic and means "loved by the people". Regardless, Mila is a cute name in vogue in Quebec: it was given to nearly 250 little girls in 2015, compared to 116 in 2011. Mila is said to be joyful, dynamic, sociable and a perfectionist.


From the Hebrew "life" or "existence", Zoé has been a very popular short name in Quebec since 2011: it was then at 4e in the ranking of first names (with 433 births). In 2016, he was ranked 6e (with 416 births). Active, passionate, curious, determined and committed, Zoé leaves no one indifferent!

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At the boys


In the same family as Victoria or Victoire, Victor is a first name taken from Latin which means “winner”. No wonder little Victors would be ambitious, involved, courageous. He is known to have a great sense of family. The Victors occupied the 33e position in 2011 and now the 21e, which seems to indicate that it is a first name in the increase.


“Gift of God. Here is themeaning of this first name, whose origin is Hebrew. Extremely rare in Quebec (twenty or less per year, since 2011), Nathanaël is also worn for women: Nathanaëlle. Proud, confident, energetic and courageous, those with this name are also said to have leadership qualities.


From German, Clovis means “illustrious and combatant”; what a small miracle! It has nice derivatives such as Louis, Ludovic, Ludwig, Luigi, among others. The Clovis are rare in Quebec: there are about thirty of them, year after year, since 2011. The personality of the Clovis? Realistic and sensitive, frank and passionate, he is authentic and honest.


From the 42eposition in 2011, Simon is, in 2016, at the 79eposition of the charts of the most popular first names in the Quebec. Simon means “who is heard”. Independent, hard-working, competent, boys with this first name are known to be affectionate, demonstrative, optimistic and available.


Pretty male name, Kenzo means "treasure" or "wonder". In addition to being very rare (less than 25 boys named so since 2011), Kenzo has a pretty meaning: tender, kind, empathetic, serene, he aspires to harmony. He is said to be courageous, responsible and determined.


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