10 biblical baby names

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10 biblical baby names
10 biblical baby names

In the bible, the oldest book in the world, there are a host of characters whose first names are still popular in 2020. Here are ten whose meanings and associated character traits are inspiring.




In the Bible, the name Ariel is synonymous with “hero”. Although this name can also be masculine, it is seen more frequently in women. Moreover, the Disney film, The Little Mermaid, has certainly helped to popularize this sweet name. The Ariels are said to be freedom-loving women and love to travel. We can imagine them, hair in the wind, on a sailboat!


First witness to the resurrection of Christ and one of his faithful disciples, in Hebrew, Magdalene means “great building”. In Quebec, about twenty of them appear every year. The Madeleines are said to be energetic, spirited and determined. In fact, they would have a determination that sometimes bordered on stubbornness.


“Grace”… This is what Hannah means in Hebrew. In the holy scriptures, she is the wife of the prophet Samuel and therefore, the mother of the Virgin Mary. Intuitive, thoughtful andvoluntary, here are the qualities that are often associated with little Madeleines.


In Quebec, in 2016, 49 little girls were baptized in this way. Anaëlle is a derivative of the first name Hannah and also means "grace". Although they have a reputation for being creative, they are also known to be impulsive, angry and even… dangerous women! Of course, this is only hearsay.


Every year, nearly 200 little Eves are born. In Hebrew, Eve means “source of life”. A mythical figure of the Garden of Eden, Eve is attributed a rather jovial character. She is also said to be sensitive, persevering and curious. All in all, fine qualities.

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In the Bible, Matthew was arguably Christ's greatest believer. In real life, the Mathieus are said to be very independent. They would also be great lovers of life, romantic and a little jealous. While there were many Mathieus in the 1970s, around sixty were born in 2016.


David, king and prophet of Israel, means "friend". Men of conviction, the Davids would be very demanding. To them and to others. Fully committed to everything they do, they would be very valiant and would not hesitate to put in all the effort necessary to achievetheir purposes. Last year, in Quebec, 127 little Davids were born.


The olive tree is one of the prophetic trees in the Bible. It is thanks to one of its branches that Noah understands that the water level is rising. In 2016, Olivier was in 13eposition of the 100 most popular first names in Quebec. Several great qualities are associated with Olivier: he is said to be valiant, mysterious, dreamy, romantic and faithful. He would, however, be a bit anxious.


Famous for his ark, Noah means “rested”. What about the Noahs? They are said to be outcasts, friendly and do not follow traditional ways. And all this, being very rational. Moreover, this cute first name is very rarely used in Quebec. Only 22 little Noahs were counted last year.


Paul is a very present apostle in the Old Testament and if the first name has already known its hours of glory, today, very few little Pauls are born among us. However, the Pauls have a reputation for being very bright, serious, friendly and charming. Oh!… they are also said to be a little haughty.


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