6 fun and educational apps for 3-6 year olds

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6 fun and educational apps for 3-6 year olds
6 fun and educational apps for 3-6 year olds

Holiday time has finally arrived! It's the season for swimming, picnics and family trips. To make long car (or plane) journeys easier, here are 6 apps to keep your little ones from 3 to 6 years old busy.


My Bubble Friend

What is it? A completely customizable application, created by Télé-Québec, to accompany the little ones in their early learning.

Price: Free

We love him for…: His fun but highly educational, developed by experts, and the fact that it can accompany the child for several years by following his development.

Availability: iOS, Android and Web

Sago Mini

What is this? Sago Mini is a collection of over 20 apps. Aimed at preschoolers, it's a hit around the world.

Price: Some games are free, but there are There are paid subscription packages including several apps.

We love it for…: The wide variety of games offered by the Sago Mini universe, from constructionfrom space exploration to learning colors.

Availability: iOS and Android.

Toca Band

What is it? The music app from the Toca Boca universe (which has many apps for children). With Toca Band, the little ones can form their own musical group with the proposed characters and compose symphonies (or almost).

Price: $3.99 (or $8.49 with the Toca Family Box package, which includes the games Toca Band, Toca Kitchen, Toca House, and Toca Hair Salon Me).

On l love for…: The endearing and original characters and the creative aspect.

Availability: iOS, Android and Amazon

Artie's World

What is this? A drawing app for ages 3+ featuring Artie and his magic pencil. Little ones can explore maps, learn to draw animals and animate their creations.

Price: Free with purchase option integrated

We love it for…: Its intuitive and easy to use aspect and its really nice graphics.

Availability:Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Code Karts

What is it? A app that introduces toddlers to the basics of coding and reasoning logic using road circuits where they will have to manage to drive a car. We love it for…:

Soundlarge number of tables and its progressive level of difficulty that challenges the child and encourages autonomy. Availability:

iOS, Android and Amazon

Little Kitten

What is this? A virtual 3D virtual kitten application including various games, puzzles and surprises really cute.


We love it for…: Absolutely stunning visuals in 3D animation, its simplicity which is suitable even for the youngest and the fact that it does not lose its hair! In addition, it allows you to predetermine a playing time; when the time is up, the kitten will go to sleep by itself. Convenient!

Availability: iOS

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