Girls and Sports

Girls and Sports
Girls and Sports

According to some research, our young girls are much less athletic than boys. We explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and give you tips to motivate your daughters to be active!


Why are girls less active than boys?

As soon as they enter adolescence, our young people are confronted with the masculine and feminine stereotypes that still govern our society today. Whether in the media or in their everyday lives, the messages circulating encourage our girls to bet on their beauty and their popularity with boys to determine their social status. As for the boys, it is rather their sports skills that influence their social popularity.

Faced with these stereotypes, it is not surprising that our girls end up thinking that they have less talent for sports activities and that sports are only for boys. In an effort to preserve their femininity and correspond to the images conveyed, many of them completely give up physical activity as they age.

Some statistics

  • From the age of 11, only 46% of girls are physically activecompared to 68% of boys.
  • Between the ages of 14 and 16, only 27% of girls are active compared to 46% of boys.
  • In Quebec, only 25% of young girls devote more than 6 hours per week to physical activity compared to 50% of boys.

Girls favorite sports

According to the results of a Quebec survey of girls aged 15 to 24, girls are not particularly interested in team sports. Why? Because if boys excel in a competitive environment, girls tend to value the social aspect and the pleasure of sports. Moreover, according to a survey of 35 Quebec sports federations, only a third of members aged 12 to 18 are girls.

The most popular physical activities and sports among girls aged 15 to 24







Bike tour


Free Skating


Physical Conditioning




Stationary bicycle

34, 4%




30, 3%

From Kino-Québec – Girls, not the same.


Encourage our girls to move

Despite all these stereotypes, we must not minimize the role of parents and their influence on their young daughters. Indeed, parents can motivate their daughters in several ways to counter stereotypes and encourage them to be physically active:

  • Have a positive attitude towards sports.
  • Set a good example by doing sports yourself.
  • Be present and involved in the sports activity chosen by your daughter so that she feels supported and valued in her choices.
  • Offer direct help with organization, transportation, etc. so that your daughter continues her sports activity.

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