100 ways (at least!) to encourage your child

100 ways (at least!) to encourage your child
100 ways (at least!) to encourage your child

Of course, you can say "great" or "congratulations", but there are a hundred other ways to encourage a child. An invaluable gift to offer him… with words!


A positive atmosphere, sincere encouragement and the deep feeling of being accepted for who he is become the powerful engine to give our child a he althy framework and stable beacons for the future. Thus, in such an atmosphere, he grows, he develops his ability to appreciate what he has, understands that the efforts are important, feels valued and useful while feeling a strong dose of love. A precious piece of luggage to offer him… with simple words.

  1. Bravo
  2. Beautiful
  3. Hurrah
  4. Wonderful
  5. Great!
  6. Great!
  7. Good!
  8. Stunning
  9. Wow!
  10. Extraordinary!
  11. Sensational!
  12. Exceptional!
  13. Ingenious!
  14. Perfect!
  15. Fantastic!
  16. Admirable!
  17. Amazing!
  18. Fabulous!
  19. Famous!
  20. Congratulations!
  21. There you are!
  22. You made it!
  23. You are on the right track!
  24. That's it!
  25. It's much better!
  26. You got it!
  27. You are therealmost!
  28. You're getting better
  29. You're really making progress!
  30. You did a great job!
  31. This is really good!
  32. That's exactly the way to do it
  33. I knew you would make it.
  34. You understand!
  35. Congratulations! You got it!
  36. You're right!
  37. You are an angel!
  38. Don't let go! You're getting better!
  39. Continue!
  40. It's good!
  41. Watching you do it seems easy!
  42. You are doing much better today!
  43. It's better than ever!
  44. That's a job well done!
  45. Good job!
  46. I'm glad to see you working like this.
  47. You work well.
  48. You are fast!
  49. Good job!
  50. You outdo yourself!
  51. You do it very well!
  52. That's quite an improvement
  53. This is the right way to do it.
  54. You haven't forgotten anything!
  55. It went well today!
  56. That's it!
  57. You have a good method!
  58. You really do your best!
  59. You're learning a lot!
  60. It's better!
  61. It's your best!
  62. It's nice to teach a student like you.
  63. Well thought out!
  1. This is the most beautiful work you have ever done.
  2. You have found the solution.
  3. It's beautiful!
  4. I appreciate your hard work.
  5. What an original idea! I wouldn't have thought of that.
  6. Your efforts amaze me! Well done!
  7. I'm glad to have you likepupil/daughter/son/…
  8. That's it! You got it!
  9. Don't let go! Keep going!
  10. You're doing admirably!
  11. Once again, you'll get it!
  12. You learn fast!
  13. You are getting better every day.
  14. You got it this time!
  15. You're acting more and more like a grown-up!
  16. Couldn't have done better!
  17. You impress me.
  18. That's it! Go ahead!
  19. This is exactly the right way!
  20. I've never seen anyone do it better!
  21. It's going well!
  22. You have a good memory!
  23. You got it!
  24. I like it!
  25. That's a good idea!
  26. You quickly found the solution!
  27. You had to practice!
  28. Keep working well!
  29. You worked hard today!
  30. I am proud of your work today!
  31. You work really hard today.
  32. You are about to succeed.
  33. You apply yourself well!
  34. You're doing well!
  35. Here! Look how good it is!
  36. Persevere! I know you'll get there!
  37. Nothing can stop you now…
  38. I'm proud of you…

  39. Well done, my champion!…

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