Adapt toys to the age of the child

Adapt toys to the age of the child
Adapt toys to the age of the child

Baby grows up: of course, he changes his clothes, but also his interests as his abilities develop. It is therefore good to adapt your choice of toys according to his age.


From 1 month to 4 months

It is only around the age of 3 months that baby will finally be able to grab certain objects, which does not mean that he cannot not messing around with toys! Indeed, at this age, he is very receptive to movement, and toys with great color contrasts fascinate him. Music can also calm him down. We therefore favor the following toys:

The mobileThe movements of the colorful objects on his mobile will fascinate your baby, while the soft music will comfort him when he is in bed.

The Rattle

Before he manages to grab objects himself, you can use the rattle by making it move in front of the eyes of baby. Around three months, he will start taking it himself: shaking it, putting it in his mouth… The rattle is indeed baby's first toy and it is not surprising so not that it has thus survived the test of time!

Fabric bookIt's never too early to expose your children to books: an object thatshould accompany them throughout their lives. At this age, we opt for fabric books. The child will enjoy handling the book, which will offer him several textures.


A classic of all classics, the doggie is a baby favorite. While some like soft toys more than others, almost all children end up, sooner or later, choosing one, that will become their favorite.


From 4 to 8 months

At this age, your child explores his environment by putting things in his mouth, among other things – even his feet! Gradually, he will be able to sit down, which will also change the way he plays. We favor:

The abacusAround 4 months, babies will have a lot of fun playing with their abacus. We choose one that has many colors: it is a game with which he will have fun for a long time.

Play mat

Of course, you can put baby on his play mat long before its 4 months, but it is from this age that it will have the most fun, playing with its various toys, exploring all its textures. You can also place a portico above the activity mat. He will thus be tempted to grab the toys that are attached to it, which will stimulate him to turn around.

Rubber toysThis is the age when baby will have the most fun with rubber toys, which he will have fun chewing on.

The learning boardSome learning boards arealso designed for children of this age, who will be able to explore causality by pressing different buttons, moving different gears.


From 8 to 12 months

The fun of playing comes into its own! Baby has realized that he can not only grab objects, but throw them! He can also stack them and… knock them down. He hangs on everywhere, gets up, starts to walk… He will be particularly amused by the following toys:

CubesAt this age, babies are really starting to have fun with cubes. When they are younger, we opt for larger cubes. Obviously, they will have fun with their cubes for a long time, learning little by little to stack them on top of each other and, of course, to throw them.


Books are changing a little: from now on, baby is able to turn the pages of his book himself. Choose sturdy cardboard books that will withstand all sorts of treatment. Quietly, we introduce baby to language, by naming the objects, the animals, the emotions that we can see on the pictures in the book.


At this age, babies love music: rhymes, among other things, amuse them a lot – moreover, they are a very effective tool for introducing them to the language!

Bath toys

Finally, baby is able to stay seated in his bath: he is therefore starting to have a lot of fun playing in it. Floating duck, boat, bubbles: bathtime, it's sofun!


From 1 year to 2 years

Baby walks and explores like never before! He begins to have strong preferences for certain toys, and also to have a lot of fun at the park. The stronger he is on his legs, the more he will climb, jump and run when the opportunity arises. He really likes:

Roller toysIf he doesn't walk yet, he will very soon, and at this age, baby loves it walk around the house leaning on a wheeled toy, such as a cart. This is also the age when baby plays a lot with big trucks.

Toys to pull or pushAt this age, babies really like to pull and push toys, like the classic wooden dog on wheels.

BoxesThe principle of the Russian doll fascinates babies, who at this age learn to nest objects.

Sand Toys

There's so much fun in the sandbox! Plan ahead: shovels, buckets… Sometimes a simple plastic pot is a guarantee of pleasure! Of course, we add a watering can, to slightly moisten the sand that is too dry in summer.

A pondDuring the summer season, a small pond filled with water is installed outside. Baby can not only cool off, but also have fun pouring water from one cup to another.

The outdoor porchIf you are lucky enough to have a backyard, you can install an outdoor porch, with a small slide, in which babywill be able to have fun and, above all, develop their muscles. Otherwise, go to the park, where your child will launch an assault on these large structures! The world is open to him!

Musical toys

At this age, baby tames the rhythm: he will have a lot of fun playing with it musical instruments of all kinds!


Yes, books, again and again! Books are indeed essential! The love of reading is a real gift that we give to the child, a gift that lasts a lifetime! As he approaches his 2nd birthday, the more the stories begin to take on importance. So get into the habit of reading a book every night, before bedtime.


If you can give a doll well before the age of 1 or 2, this n It is only at this moment that the child will really begin to have fun with his own "baby".


From 2 to 3 years old

At this age, the child still likes his toys from 1 to 2 years old. However, he begins to familiarize himself with activities that require greater dexterity, such as drawing or painting.

Modeling clay

Between 2 and 3 years old, children will love modeling with modeling clay: all these snakes and little balls they build help to awaken their imagination, but also to develop their fine motor skills.


Place for the first scribbles: a fairly large blackboard (with largechalk or washable felt-tip pens) will allow your child to make big moves, and give free rein to his imagination! Moreover, he can also start drawing on large sheets of paper, with felt-tip pens, pastels, and even paint.

The tricycle

Children are big enough between 2 and 3 years old, and strong enough to pedal.

A trolleyAll children love the principle of the wheelbarrow, in which they can put lots of toys before pulling it with them, outside, or in the house.

BallAlthough their throws aren't the most accurate, your child still has a lot of fun with balls and balloons, which they can also roll on the ground.


The pirate ship, the farm and the animals: your child starts having fun with figurines. Little by little, his scenarios will become more and more complex and rich.


From 3 to 5 years old

Now that your child has developed his motor skills, it's time for his intellect to be put forward and, with it, room for imagination and fantasy! With the language come indeed many new games and, little by little, he is introduced to letters and numbers. Moreover, all the toys that amused him from 1 to 3 years old still make him happy. He may play differently with them, and his abilities only grow, every day.

Scissors and Co.

At this age,children love crafts: pencil, scissors, glue and glitter! They are also very fond of cutting paper with scissors, even if at first it is just small cuts in a sheet.

Building games

If he was already stacking blocks at 1 year old, your child is now ready to do building games. Lego bricks are indeed very popular with children of this age and, good news, will remain so for a long time after.

Toy Cars

Toy Cars and all their friends, from diggers to ambulances, are a big hit with kids. And if they have a carpet with roads to move them on, even better!

Doctor's kit and tea set…

All the toys that will allow your child to imitate adultswill be very popular!

Letters and numbers

Little by little, the child can be introduced to the letters and to numbers with games, like magnetic letters, for example.


Make a puzzle: what a great way to pass the time! But it is also an extremely rich leisure activity for the child, who at the same time develops his fine motor skills, his sense of observation and his patience.

Card and board games

There are more and more card and board games designed for children from 3 to 5 years old. These will allow your child to develop a host of social skills, such as waiting forround. Moreover, they will teach him to win, but also to lose.

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