Discover the finalists for the Prix Cécile-Gagnon - album and novel sections

Discover the finalists for the Prix Cécile-Gagnon - album and novel sections
Discover the finalists for the Prix Cécile-Gagnon - album and novel sections

Discover the finalists for the Prix Cécile-Gagnon - album and novel sections, and an intergenerational round table, two events not to be missed at the 2019 Montreal Book Fair!


The Association of Quebec Writers for Youth celebrates children's literature twice rather than once at the Montreal Book Fair, Friday, November 22, 2019! A friendly meeting where you are invited to participate. Learn more…

The Cécile-Gagnon Prize of the Association of Quebec Youth Writers (AÉQJ) was created in 1997 to annually recognize the next generation in children's literature by awarding a grant to the author of a first novel dedicated to a readership of six to seventeen years. In 2004, a second section, aimed at honoring new authors of children's albums, was added.

The name was given in honor of Madame Cécile Gagnon a great lady and pioneer of children's literature in Quebec.

The bursaries are offered by the AEQJ, in collaboration with the librairie Monet of Montreal, and financed by the copyrights of the collections of short storiespublished by the AÉQJ.

Note: The finalists are presentedaccording to the alphabetical order of the title of their album/novel.


Target audience: 5 years and over

1- Darkness Attack

Author: May Sansregret; illustrations: Richard Ecrapou. The 400 blows, My little moments collection.

Summary: A blackout, in the middle of an evening reading, while mom and dad are away…Ahhh! Is it the darkness attacking? At least that's what Raoul believes. Luckily for him, his big sister is there and will take the reins of the evening. Over the course of this story, which looks like a comic strip, the young boy will learn to tame his fear of the dark and, even, to love this darkness which allows for all new games.

Target audience: 3 years and over

2- We have a problem with Lilou the otter

Author and illustrator: Orbie. Fonfon editions, Stories of laughter collection

Summary: Lilou the otter is cute, agile and playful. The problem is that she likes to slide too much… The one and only mission of this album? Laugh!

Target audience: 3 years and over

3- First Snow

Author and illustrator: Sabrina Gendron. Editions La Bagnole

Summary: The first snow has fallen. In the forest, everything is peaceful and silent. All? But where did this naughty little raccoon go?

Target audience: 5 years and over

4- An unexpected visit

Author: Anne-Marie Rioux; illustrations: Yves Dumont. The 400 blows, Grimace collection.

Summary: An unexpected visit,it can be great… but it all depends on the visitor! This humorous and whimsical story features a small family returning home and encountering a visitor they would rather avoid. But what to do then? Panic? Yell? To sing? Throw food at him? The little family is not short of ideas, but will they make the right choice?


Target audience: 14+

1- The Expansion Era

Author: Mathieu Muir. David Editions, collection 14/18

Summary: The year is 2208. Since the Tokyo Treaty, the Earth has been divided into four poles: the Star of America, the Trans-European Union, the Southern Alliance and the Eastern Sun. The borders are now closed in order to limit population growth and deal with the environmental challenges that threaten each pole. Will the Earth be able to survive like this? Will cooperation prevail over competition?

The discovery of new technology will influence the course of history and precipitate the Age of Expansion. Through their actions, at different times, Frank Blist, Eva Miller, Baiko Mori, Voile and Léa Flamand will perhaps seal the fate of the Earth…

Eager to offer a realistic science fiction story, Mathieu Muir marries scientific and political hypotheses here, to imagine what will happen when the environment becomes the main issue for humanity.

Target audience: 13 and over

2- The Curse of the Montfaucons

Author: Martine Meloche. Editions Joey Cornu

Summary: Finally, Victoria will be able to shut herself up for a whole week at the Montfaucon family mansion and write the horror novel that has been in her dreams for a while. However, the places inspire her much more than ideas… Someone is watching her, unless it's… something? "Above all, don't touch the old doll," his uncle Jean-Jacques advised him before leaving. What's so special about this doll? She looks a bit like her, what next?

Martine Meloche signs a first novel full of anguish and surprises.

Target audience: 14+

3- The village T.01: The story of Jonathan Biron

Author: Matthieu Quiviger. Editions Hurtubise

Summary: In high school, Jonathan Biron was always a substitute player on the Notre-Dame Cactus defensive line. Now he must decide where he will pursue his college studies and his sports career. During his participation in a Team Quebec selection camp, he will experience difficult times that will push him towards a choice that is not very popular in the eyes of his friends: a CEGEP far from his family, within a team that plays in Division 3. Quebec college football. Like any rookie, he will have to find his place in his new group… In the company of colorful teammates and inspiring coaches, Jonathan will grow, discover his potential and forge his personality.

Target audience: 11+

4- Bloody Bloody

Author: Éric Beauregard. Editor Shoes,Graffiti collection

Summary: Detective Poulette is royally bored at work. As the criminals seem to be keeping quiet, his superior sends him to the countryside to investigate the "murder" of two cows, who died in particular circumstances. Nothing very thrilling…A few days later, Detective Leboeuf comes to consult him on a strange and bloody affair. A few days apart, a twisted individual butchered two men in the same park: parts of their bodies disappeared. The usual questions surface: who, when, how and why? The place is already known, no need to wonder where. Poulette and Leboeuf join forces to solve this case which soon grows.

A happy mix of police intrigue and really well-balanced humor!


The presentation of the 2019 Cécile-Gagnon awards to the winners will take place at the conclusion of the AÉQJ round table, celebrating the next generation of writers, during the Salon du livre de Montréal.

Here are some details…

Roundtable of the Association of Quebec Writers for Youth (AÉQJ)

Topic addressed: How has children's literature changed in one generation?

For the past 40 years, children's literature in Quebec has been transformed. Literary genres have multiplied, the themes tackled more varied, but also more sensitive. The limits of children's literature have been constantly pushed back. veteran authors andof the next generation are looking into the subject.


Mesdames Cécile Gagnon, Evelyne Gauthier and Martine Latulippe

Misters Robert Soulières, Pierre-Alexandre Bonin and Jonathan Simard

Date: Friday, November 22, 2019

Time: 10:35 a.m.

Location: AGORA space at the Montreal Book Fair

The presentation of the Prix Cécile-Gagnon 2019 - ALBUM and NOVEL sections, will follow the round table, around 11:20 a.m.

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