Starting off on the right foot as a family

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Starting off on the right foot as a family
Starting off on the right foot as a family

The end of the year and the beginning of the news give us the opportunity to take stock. Although resolutions are often personal, it is possible to make them a family project.


Whether they are called projects, wishes or goals, these family resolutions are all about bringing about change. In other words, they are decisions to modify a way of being or a behavior that seems more profitable, more functional or he althier for us and our loved ones.

Several have already said that they preferred to wait until January 1st to put their new resolutions into practice, that they felt they could keep them better when the accounts were round and that they apply them from the First of l 'an gave them assurance and confidence. If this symbolic deadline can contribute to the evolution towards the best of an individual or even a family, why not? Although several resolutions taken at the beginning of the year are abandoned at the first opportunity or do not last very long, they translate into very positive tactics to approach the new year.


But a clarification about the resolutions. It is not necessarily the lackof will that leads to failure is the quality of the objective and its realism. Thus, it is necessary to rush towards the satisfactions that will result from the achievement of the objective. The importance of this desired satisfaction will provide you with the necessary strength to reach your goal with determination, and to keep it! Sharing a goal as a family and being excited about it gives us the courage of our convictions.

Dissatisfaction leads to resolution

What are your real motivations? What inspires you? What goal, when achieved, will help bring you closer to what matters to you? What aspect do you want to redefine as a family? It is important to study what is not working and why. But watch out for the traps! When it comes to defining our resolution, it is better to conform to what we really want than to what we believe to be good or better… Although the latter reasons are preferable, they could create new unrealistic obligations. The reason on which the decision is based must be a path within our reach, without excessive trouble or painful confrontations. It must correspond to the ambitions and values of young and old alike. Take a long view! Actively engaging in a project that is close to our hearts must be seen as an opportunity.

It is important for each family member involved in adopting a new behavior to convince themselves that the change and the effort required to achieve it have benefits that we do not wantgive up.

Why not break the goal down into small steps or increments, and reward yourself along the way? Prepare a list of pleasant rewards as a family to allow your brains to associate pleasure with new habits. Conversely, make a list that will address the consequences of inaction. How would this refusal to act harm our family life or everyone's well-being?

How to do?

  • Identify your dissatisfactions.
  • State precisely what you need to do to improve them.
  • Make sure you feel the thrill of reaching the goal and reward yourself for every step you take.

Here are a few varied ideas that might help you pinpoint what you want as a parent for your family. These are only food for thought, it's up to you to choose the ones that inspire you the most!

For Parents

  • Do not give in to compulsive or superfluous purchases;
  • Budget, pay off credit cards, save for a specific project;
  • At the wheel: be more tolerant and slow down;
  • Take the time to listen and talk to the children;
  • Set aside quality time for each member of the family while being realistic about the time available;
  • Don't forget yourself as a couple and keep blocks only to find yourself as a duo.

For the little ones

  • Order the bedroom and playroom regularly.
  • Reduce time spentin front of a screen or game console.
  • Prepare and regularly review a series of household chores that they can participate in.
  • Play outside more often

Family and social activities

  • Organize the routine by choosing the best times to perform tasks (meals, preparing lunches, household chores, bathing, etc.;
  • Cultivate the ritual of as many family meals as possible per week;
  • Priority to outdoor physical activities, family games and walks with pets;
  • Family reading, at fixed intervals;
  • Practicing a variety of hobbies;
  • Family cooking;
  • Don't operate television without specific and concerted broadcast.

He alth and Diet

  • Vary your diet by trying new recipes;
  • Eat a minimum of 5 fruits and vegetables a day;
  • With the children, choose and stock up on light and nutritious snacks. Always keep a basket of fresh fruit on the table;
  • Reserve sweets and soft or sugary drinks for special occasions;
  • Drink only water with meals;
  • Reduce the consumption of non-prescription drugs.
  • Do not ignore the signs of fatigue, overwork and overflow.

Remember that it is not the resolution itself that is important, but what you and your family will become by pursuing it! look inyour daily life what weighs you down and try to turn things around by finding another way of doing things. Your quality of life will be improved!

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