20 classic movies to watch with the family

20 classic movies to watch with the family
20 classic movies to watch with the family

To overcome a little temporary depression, forget the cold or simply to rest, we prescribe a movie for everyone. Well wrapped up in a blanket, as a family, we let ourselves be transported by beautiful stories.


Here is our selection of films that includes our favorites, all decades and styles combined. Good cinema!

The tree with balls – 1989

The Christmas Tree is definitely THE movie to watch, year after year. Follow the incredible and catastrophic holiday season of the Griswold family: a clumsy and generous father, typical teenage children, obnoxious neighbors and two extended families who live under the same roof in order to celebrate Christmas. A film that also reminds us of the best and worst of the 1980s.

Mom I missed the plane – 1990

Mom I missed the plane is the story of Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), an 8-year-old boy left to his own devices when that his parents forgot him. The little boy, rather happy to be alone at home, will have to face unsophisticated burglars who try to enter his home. To everyone's delight, this film went very well through theyears. Laughs guaranteed.


The Polar Express – 2004

A realistic, inspiring and captivating animated film. The Polar Express tells the adventures of a young boy who doubts the existence of Santa Claus and boards a magic train during the night. An incredible epic will follow. A story that gives hope and desire to believe in Santa Claus.

A Christmas Tale – 2009

There are many, many versions of the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, this tyrannical and mean-spirited we althy businessman. However, this interpretation of Charles Dickens' tale stands out from the others for the quality of its animation. Discover or rediscover this fantastic night, inhabited by ghosts, which will change Scrooge's life and lead him to repentance.

The Grinch – 2000

Ah! The Grinch, this capricious character (wonderfully interpreted by Jim Carrey) who hated Christmas and who wanted to ruin that of the inhabitants of Chouville… We take pleasure in not liking him and in spite of ourselves, we clings to him. From incident to incident, he will rediscover the love of his life and the desire to celebrate.

Elf – 2003

In this film, Will Ferrell is equal to himself: hilarious. Elf tells us the story of Buddy, a human raised as an elf by Santa Claus. Once in adulthood, his size is a flea in the ears of the elves who decide to send him back to the real world. Buddy then goes in search of his biological father and a crazy adventure ensues.

Christmas at the Muppets – 1992

Almost everyone loves the Muppets! Perhaps that's why this version of Charles Dickens' Christmas Tale is so appealing. We find there the cantankerous Mr. Scrooge, the ghosts and… the Muppets.


Miracle on 34e street – 2001

If the first edition of the film, published in 1947, is magical, that of 2001 is even more transcendent. A man pretends to be Santa Claus and ends up behind bars. Defended by a brilliant lawyer, their improbable meeting will forever change the lives of the two men. A beautiful story, perfect for Christmas.

Santa's Apprentice – 2010

That's it, Santa Claus has to retire. He is obliged to find a replacement who will meet all the hiring criteria required by the position. The perfect candidate is at the end of the world and Santa Claus must train him. Little Nicolas, Santa's apprentice, will he be up to it? This animated film, touching and funny at the same time, will amaze the whole family.

The Neverending Story – 1984

Despite the passing years, the History without an end remains as fascinating as ever. Bastien, a little boy whose mother has just died, finds himself at the heart of Fantasia, a fantastic world. He will meet a flying dog, an empress and all sorts of characters, each more particular than the next. A beautiful story of resilience.

Frozen – 2013

You've probably seen it over and over again hundreds of times, but one more time is sure to please the little ones. Frozen is the modern version of a tale by Andersen, first published in 1844. It is the story of Anna who, accompanied by her faithful friends Kristoff, Seven and Olaf, go in search of his sister Elsa. Watch out for earworms… “Freed, delivered!” »

Paddington – 2014

The friendly and endearing bear Paddington arrives in London and tries to find a place in the sun. He encounters a host of difficulties, but fortunately, he also meets the Brown family. Thanks to them, Paddington will no longer be alone and will have a much smoother life.

Edward Scissorhands – 1990

Once upon a time there was a funny inventor who died before he completed the creation of a little boy named Edward. Left to himself in the castle of his spiritual father, he is discovered by Peg, a cosmetics saleswoman. To give him a better life, she decides to take in the boy with the scissorhands. This newcomer will create quite a stir in the neighborhood and Peg's family.

Ernest and Celestine – 2016

Once upon a time there was the story of a big bear named Ernest and a little mouse named Celestine. As winter approaches, they decide to go on a trip to overwinter and that is where the adventure will begin. In the end, these two characters who a priori had nothing in common, will form a beautiful friendship. A sweet story andfull of tenderness, for all.

Ice Age (the first) – 2002

A small squirrel, a mammoth, a sloth and a saber-toothed tiger form THE trio in an unlikely adventure during the ice age. The beauty of this cartoon, in addition to the finesse of the script and the magnificent images, lies in all the jokes, the majority of which are double-edged. Children and adults will laugh heartily… for different reasons.

Captain Hook – 1991

Starring the late Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman, Captain Hook takes us straight to Neverland. As Peter Pan must find his inner child, he joins forces with the Lost Boys and pretty Wendy to defeat a vengeful Captain Hook.

Ratatouille – 2007

When we are different from others and have a dream to pursue, nothing can stop us. Ratatouille, that's it: it's the story of a little rat, born to be a cook, who befriends a human. Together, they will join forces to achieve their respective dreams. An inspiring story of mutual aid and hope.


Beauty and the Beast – 2017

Once again, we dive into a story of sorcery where good will triumph over evil, beyond appearances. Beauty is the Beast is the meeting of an odious monster and a young girl with a big heart. Surrounded by absolutely wacky characters,the two protagonists will have to fall in love, before the last petal of a rose falls, in order to break a spell cast on the Beast.

Upside Down – 2015

This 15e feature film from Pixar tells the story of young Riley who has to move house. In his head and his heart, a host of emotions jostle. In order to understand what is happening to him, we are immersed in the control center of his mind and we meet his emotions, embodied by adorable characters. An amazing, beautiful and sweet story that can help children identify their emotions.

Vaiana, the legend at the end of the world – 2016

Here, we follow Moana on an epic quest to save her people. Along the way, she will meet Maui, a demigod, and together they will go through all kinds of hardships. In short, Vaiana, the legend of the end of the world is the story of a little girl who will end up discovering herself.

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