Some books for Halloween

Some books for Halloween
Some books for Halloween

To make it to Halloween night, kids will enjoy reading stories that will get them in the mood. So here are some stories to keep them waiting until the party night!



This informative little book will demystify the customs, traditions, origins, different celebrations, games, legends and tales related to Halloween night. For ages 5 and up.

I don't like Halloween

Listening to the many reasons why this child doesn't like Halloween, we get the strong impression that he lives in a spooky house. And if we approach the theme of Halloween in the form of grumpiness, we fly over all the themes and we meet all the usual guests of this fall celebration! For ages 4 and up.

The little beast is disguised

When we dress up, there is already a little magic in the air! We become another person. We change pace. We can even fly or make extraordinary journeys. That's exactly what happens to the little beast that dons a crazy suite of costumes. Her face appears in a circle with a hole in the center and we guess that we will find her whole on the last page. For the3 years and up.

Zoe dresses up

All little girls have secretly wanted to be like their mom. Zoé decides to put on her own clothes and plays a trick on her dad who doesn't recognize her! Made of collage where the dress, the shoes and the necklace of the mother are added to the little Zoé, this book could be a pretext for a beautiful session of cutting and collage. For ages 2 to 7.

The Incredible Big Book of Witches

This beautiful large 128-page full-color book is a gold mine for anyone who wants to know the true face of witches! Five tales, four stories, two games complete the wacky story of witches. Whether you like them cruel, silly, ugly, tender or comical, you will find the one you are looking for! For ages 3 to 7.

A witch among the fairies

It looks like fairy fingers (or nice witches) have tinkered with the pretty collages and very feminine colored illustrations in this book! A very pretty story of friendship that flies on a broomstick above differences! For ages 2 to 7.

Pumpkin Patrol

In this 5th adventure of Ernest and Émilie, we find our friends in a field to find out who can take advantage of the night to steal Uncle Potiron's pumpkins. For ages 3 to 8.


There is no middle ground with spiders: love them or hate them! Still, there's so much to learn from these ingenious, hardworking little critters! Offrom egg to adult, through food, hunting and threats, you will really know more by browsing through this 32-page color book for curious little ones. For ages 7 to 10.

Valerie the Bat

Who scared Mireille the bee in the middle of the night? Carole the firefly clears up the mystery by launching fireworks to catch the supposed witch. For ages 2 to 7.

The Tiny Ghost

When you're a tiny little ghost and every little noise scares the hell out of you, you feel very sad. For shy children who do not take their place easily, this book offers a nice lesson in self-confidence. For ages 3 and up.

My first great ghost story

This large album with padded covers presents a slightly terrifying ghost story where humor plays an important role. In the same collection, we offer my first great story of… witch, wolf, princess, knight and fairy. Children, naturally drawn to these legendary characters, will appreciate the stories that feature them. For ages 5 and up.

Les Affreux - Foufou's fiancé

Foufou the witch is retiring after teaching magic for more than half a century. Her cousin Abaléas wants to give her a very special gift: find her a fiancé. During the ceremony in honor of the witch, he will entrust this secret mission to Socrates and Fierritos. After The Congress of the Ugly and Fierritos and theporte de l’air, here is the third title of the fascinating fantasy series “Les Affreux”. For ages 10 and up.

Dad is afraid of monsters

A story with monstrous charm that elicits contagious laughter! The text is inventive, joyful and full of images of totally eccentric situations. Louise-Andrée Laliberté's illustrations cleverly combine gentleness and humour. Little monsters and humans live together wonderfully in this colorful, playful and deliciously childish universe.

From 3 years old.

Zargouille shows off

Zargouille and Lézardo are inseparable. They are always up for a game of fly hunting or doggie darts. But since our two friends fell in love with the show Monstre Académie, Zargouille has only one thing in mind: to become as popular as the monsters on the small screen. How? By being loved by a child! Unfortunately, everyone knows that children are afraid of monsters. However, Zargouille is determined to succeed in his feat… at all costs!

From 8 years old

Love and Jules

Sophie and Jules shared an exceptional love until Death entered the scene and ransacked everything in its path. Accompanied by the memory of Sophie, Jules is now trying to survive with what remains of their story, struggling as best he can against Death who is trying to seduce him. Fortunately, a fragment of their love is still alive somewhere in Jules' heart… A true Romeo and Juliet of the timesmodern.

For ages 12 and up.

Julie 7 – Julie and the Ghost Mass

Julie couldn't have wished for better: her beloved uncle will spend an entire week with her while her parents go on a romantic trip. One evening around a fire, Stéphane recounts the legend of The Midnight Mass. With her ability to let herself be invaded by the stories of her uncle, Julie suspects similarities between the priest of the legend and that of the parish. The fertile imagination of the young heroine will make her fear the village church. Could the spirit of Father Louis be a prisoner on Earth?

My grandma is having Halloween

In this story, we celebrate Halloween in a special way. With Mémé, everything is always different! Costumes, sweets, decoration are at the heart of this endearing Halloween story. As this is the 3etome of the adventures of Ma Mémé, we can enjoy even more.

From 6 years old.

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