12 gestures to create intimacy

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12 gestures to create intimacy
12 gestures to create intimacy

Want some awesome ideas to get closer to your spouse and stimulate your sexual appetite for sure? Here are 12 to inspire you!


Multiply the gestures

Throughout the day, take small, simple actions that will keep the flame burning. In the evening, the rapprochements are likely to be explosive! Messages, lyrics, songs, post-it, SMS, use all the means at your disposal to make your desire known and share it with your partner!

Make an appointment

Without sticking to a schedule that's too strict, having a naughty date during lunchtime or for 5 to 7 can be a way to create a space just for the two of you.

A night for two at the hotel

Your room no longer inspires you? Leave for a night in a hotel near you… Renewed intimacy!

A 2009 study found that most Canadians say they don't have sex regularly enough because of the stresses of everyday life. We learn that 65% of them simply lack… the time to make their passion vibrate.

90% of adults feel that their daily routine interferes with their sex life.

Near90% of Canadians experience a greater emotional connection with their partner when they share a moment of heightened sexual intimacy with them.

A little nap, baby?

While the kids are sleeping, skip the housework and chores and enjoy these few hours to frolic in broad daylight.

Go to bed, children

Prepare a double dinner with services at different times. Children first, and hop to bed! Then cook up a dinner just the way you like it: some opt for candlelight, others for Chinese food to eat in bed or a seafood feast. And don't forget the melted chocolate and whipped cream for dessert … to share!

A lesson, honey?

First, you will have a fixed appointment each week outside the house to meet in an activity that you both like. Then double the class time for babysitters to give you an extra free hour just for the two of you.


No need to go far! Your living room or bedroom is more than enough! A CD of soft and inspiring music, you stick together and you dance very gently like in the time of dating. Perfect to find the flame!

A movie… for you or for them?

Children are engrossed in watching a movie? Sneak away discreetly to your room and come back blushing. Otherwise, an erotic film could rekindle your flame…

Oh ho

A bulb is broken! Claim adifficult repair in your bedroom (or another room). Don't forget: you will absolutely need to close the door… to repair the breakage!

Variations on the same theme

Foreplay should be different… and multiple. Be original! Surprise your spouse! And above all tenacious and slightly enticing. Multiply the brushings and touches. Raise the desire!


Challenge your lover… Who will be able to go all the way to surprise the other?

Long live techno

Long hours apart because of work? Not anymore thanks to emails and SMS! Spice up your day with erotic messages.

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