Free yourself from toxins

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Free yourself from toxins
Free yourself from toxins

A thorough cleaning is always appropriate to eliminate the small accumulations slyly camouflaged in the nooks and crannies. Our homes are the subject of this, let's not forget our bodies!


At the end of each season, the body is in a state of fouling, the result of our dietary aberrations accumulated over the weeks. The lack of quality in today's diet generates two trends; nutrient deficiency and excess causing overload.

After the Holidays is the perfect time to take on this satisfying challenge. So let's take advantage of a cure or a mono-food diet to promote detoxification, purification and allow blood regeneration.

Good riddance

Removing toxins from the body helps restore elimination functions, guaranteeing good assimilation and correct cellular nutrition. Then, regeneration by replenishing mineral and vitamin reserves to help it start again in this new season cycle.

Clever He alth Strategy

The reasonable would invite us to eat full meals, six days out of seven, and to devote the seventh day of the week to resting the waysdigestive by practicing a mono-diet all year round.

We could also undertake a cure or mono-diet differently; spread over a few days or a few weeks, intensive or gentle. To be personalized with your qualified naturopath, according to your goals, your constitution, your metabolic weaknesses and your convenience.

Our vitality according to our will

Take care of yourself. Take the time to harmonize and regenerate your body to the rhythm of the seasons.

Cleansing or drainage via the emunctories aims to restore normal eliminations if these were insufficient or, even better, to increase this elimination for a certain period.

The main emunctories are:

  • liver
  • bowels
  • kidneys
  • skin
  • lungs

They allow the evacuation of toxins. Well stimulated and with the required energy, they serve as exit doors.

Here are some tools from the plant kingdom that can help you this season. These plants are very helpful in helping the emunctories do the cleaning job. They are available in several forms: infusion, juice, mother tincture, ampoule, capsule, essential oil and even as food when appropriate.

Milk Thistle Dandelion Artichoke Black Radish Burgundy Linden Sapwood Birch Bearberry Blackcurrant Cherry BurdockBorage Chamomile Wild pansy Elderberry Eucalyptus Oregano Scots Pine Plantain Thyme

Fruit and vegetable mono-diets are also popular. Eat them raw or steamed or in the form of juice.

These are particularly recommended:

  • green vegetables including asparagus, celery, Swiss chard, broccoli
  • carrot
  • spring salad
  • citrus
  • strawberry
  • apple


The success of a cure depends on its duration and intensity. As each individual is different in terms of their metabolic strengths and weaknesses, their lifestyle, their way of thinking and reacting, the same cure is not necessarily for everyone. Restrictions may also apply to certain plants or foods. Speak to a qualified naturopath who will guide you towards the best choice and the most effective method for you.

To each his own style, to each his cure!

  • Jo Ann Blais ND. A., Member of the Association of Certified Naturopaths of Quebec (ANAQ), He alth Planner, Email: [email protected] Tel.: 450.467.8788
  • Christopher Vasey, Detoxification Manual, Jouvence Editions, 1992, 185 pages
  • Daniel Kieffer, The Poisoned Man, Éditions Jacques Grancher, 1993, 302 pages

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