A few rules for the prom

A few rules for the prom
A few rules for the prom

In the next few weeks, your teenager will be going to his prom? Are you worried? Sandra Paré gives us some tips to make this party go off without a hitch.


May and June are expensive months for parents of teenagers graduating from high school! It is also very costly for a parent to make his child understand that his prom will remain a memorable day, whether everything goes well or everything goes wrong. Sure, making him aware of the financial aspect surrounding the clothes, the flowers, the limo, the pictures, the ring and everything else is fine, but I doubt your child will be fond of you if you just bought yourself a new car. or a huge B. B. Q for the backyard. Yet you will spend an average of $650 for this evening. But the thing you can't buy is… its security.

Costly in emotion

The “before” and “after” prom trend is not going away. Nor is the temptation to go beyond the limits. But what bounds? Still need to have some! Under the pretext of wanting the happiness of our youngster, we forget to install terminals at this evening. It is especially necessary to do it a few days beforethe ball and not when you are on the doorstep with the limo waiting in front of the house.

15, 16 or 17, this is the normal age for a young person who will go and celebrate his years of hard work sitting on a classroom bench. How to stay in control, with a young adult, because that's what they are: young adults. On the eve of their 18th birthday, how can parents with good intentions prevent their child from “losing face”?

These days, proms are a great excuse to drink alcohol to make you sick, to risk sexual experience in a very bad way and to put on a show to be ashamed of it for years.

One of my uncles gave birth to a young woman he barely knew on the night of his prom. Let's say he had to change a few early life plans. Don't be a victim of your lack of experience.

Ask your child to put together a success plan for their evening. He is old enough to understand the dangers of life, if not old enough to be aware of them. If the plan comes from him, he will accept a little better to follow it. But of course, you will have to affix your "limits". That he shares his plan with his companion and his friends is also important.

This is what a prom success plan looks like

  • Appoint a driver or preferably have someone drive you.
  • Now is not the time to try new things (drugs, cigarettes…)
  • Don't forceperson to consume or do something they would regret.
  • At the table, think about good manners and express yourself in a positive and polite way.
  • On the dance floor, be courteous and dance respectfully.
  • If a friend suddenly changes their attitude, notify a manager.
  • Remain respectful towards the organizers and leaders of the evening
  • This is not the right evening for a first sexual experience.
  • Leaving with the same person we arrived with.
  • Keep a cell phone on you and contact your parents, regardless of the problem.

Feel free to add your own rules to his and please let your child see for himself the dangers he might face.

The basic etiquette aspect (for the young person)

The pleasure will be there. Whenever you go out, it is essential to know these simple rules.

The departure and the arrival

  • Punctuality: be on time on departure required and just as much for the return
  • Discipline: keep your word, with your parents
  • Security: you leave with a person and you come back with this one

Avoid leaving your drinks lying around unattended. If in doubt, leave your drink there and order another. Some drugs can be dropped into your drink to make you lose control. Tell your friends that if yourbehavior suddenly changes, they should call your parents.


During the evening

  • Visibility: you should keep an eye on your friends
  • Accessibility: always travel with someone
  • Availability: a problem occurs, be ready to intervene (cellular)

Do you want to be treated like an adult? Act like one and keep your word. Make sure your partner or friends are aware of your whereabouts or informed if you need to leave earlier than planned. Always carry cash with you to catch a taxi in case you need to leave the premises quickly


  • Be reasonable: this is not the last night of your life
  • Be responsible: to be trusted again
  • Be kind: when you return, be kind to your parents

Above all, avoid improvising in a reckless way, because “Recklessness cannot be improvised”! Raymond Radiguet, extract from “Le bal du comte d'Orgel”

Excerpts in part from the book:

Savoir vivre: guide to savoir vivre for boys

Sandra Paré

Les Éditions The Week, 2011

ISBN: 9782923771519$19.99

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