Twice expensive, twins? Maybe not

Twice expensive, twins? Maybe not
Twice expensive, twins? Maybe not

In a few months, just like Celine, Beyonce and JLo did before, you will begin a great adventure; you will become a mother of twins! But you don't have their millions, or a nanny, or a private chef. Don't panic!


The birth of my twins and the resulting tornado seems far away, blurry in fact. I remember having slept little, having lots of bottles and changing lots of diapers. As no additional government financial assistance is planned for the twins the financial aspect was a big worry for me. But with a few tricks (which I share with you), we survived both financially and mentally.


You will be overwhelmed and eating will become secondary. So you don't constantly have to go to the restaurant and drive up the bills, stock up on meals and sauces in the freezer before your twins arrive. And once the twins arrive, accept your mother-in-law's lasagna.


  • At your shower, ask your guests for prepared meals instead of clothes.
  • Suggest gift certificates from a local caterer as a gift.
  • Have your groceries delivered or ask a friend to bring you fruits and vegetables at their next grocery store.


The CLSC will put you in touch with a local organization to offer you household support. The problem is that the latter is of short duration and that the costs are around $14/hour. Solutions? Choose your battles and accept that your house is less orderly. I remember doing housework whenever the twins slept rather than resting. The house was clean but I was doubly exhausted.


  • Don't underestimate the power of those around you and ACCEPT all the help you are offered. Make a to-do-list for those who want to help you and accept that they may not bend the washcloths perfectly.
  • Barter with your friends like: "you watch them while I wash and I'll lend you my favorite dress…which doesn't suit me anymore anyway!" »


If you opt for formulas instead of breastfeeding, know that it will be a big expense. Consult the flyers to find the specials, subscribe to the newsletters and clubs of the different milk companies to receive samples and coupons.


  • To see all your cellphone specials, install the app Reebee
  • Join the Club Similac, Nestlé Babyand Enfamil Premiers Momentsforreceive samples, tips and discount coupons.
  • Ask your gynecologist or family doctor for samples and discount coupons
  • Feel free to try house brands which are often less expensive.
  • Join certain loy alty programs like Air Miles at Jean-Coutu and my favorite: PC Optimumvalid at Pharmaprix, Maxi, Maxi&cie, Joe Freshand Provigo. You will earn $1 in points for every $10 in purchases. You can use your points to buy milk, diapers and clothes, among other things! Awesome!

Furniture, clothing and accessories

Two beds, Two high chairs, 28 pajamas, a double stroller…phew! The bill goes up and your income goes down with parental leave.

If your budget is tight:

  • Make a list of what is really necessary to buy duplicates.
  • Accept donations and loans.
  • Buy used on virtual bazaars and soon at garage sales.
  • Subscribe to Facebook twin sales pages

Want to buy new?

With proof of a multiple birth, some merchants grant a discount. However, do your research before buying as many companies do not post their "twin policy" online and many companies have never responded to my emails.


  • 5% on furniture, accessories and decoration.
  • 20% offclothes.
  • These special discounts are valid on regular priced merchandise only and for a period of 2 years.
  • To benefit from the twin discounts, new parents must go to one of the stores to register their children. If the children are not yet born, medical proof such as an identified and dated ultrasound will suffice.
  • To benefit from the discount when shopping online, you must indicate it in the comment field of the shopping cart. Clément will verify the authenticity of your privileges using your client file and the credit will be applied.


A 10% discount is granted upon presentation of he alth insurance cards. Inquire in store

Bo Baby

A 10% discount is offered on 2 identical items, at regular price

Pink or Blue: Twin Discounts and more

A 10% discount is offered on regular priced items, in store and online

Mini Mouse: Twin Club

  • 20% for twins and 30% for triplets on regular priced clothing
  • To join the Twins Club, you must complete the form available in store only and have the children's he alth insurance cards and your own.
  • The discount cannot be transferred to another child, cannot be combined with any other current promotions or discounts and is not applicable online.

Mother Helena

  • 25% off2th item of the same type, at regular price. Not applicable on items for moms. Usable online, with proof such as a photo of your ultrasound.


10% discount on presentation of he alth insurance cards

Toy Club

  • 10% off on presentation of APJQ membership card


I benefit from 10% for my twins but check at your branch

To be consulted

  • The book Jumeaux: mission possible!By Gisèle Séguin, Editions du CHU Sainte-Justine, 2016, 384 pages
  • The article I am expecting twins or tripletsto discover the resources available
  • Visit the websites of the Parents of Twins and Triplets Association of Quebec (APJTMand APJQ)
  • Follow Facebook pages of parents of twins to share tips and deals

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