12 ways to be kind to others

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12 ways to be kind to others
12 ways to be kind to others

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to dare to do the right thing. Here are some acts of kindness to inspire your kids…one act at a time!


Seeing is Believing

According to a national survey conducted by Environics Research, Quebecers showed kindness to others about four times a month by doing spontaneous, gratuitous acts, including opening doors, offering carrying heavy packages or giving up their seat on public transport.

Furthermore, approximately one-third of Quebecers are inspired by the acts of kindness they witness and are encouraged to give back. When we know that children reproduce the gestures they see, we understand that it is even more important to teach them to recognize and appreciate the small happiness felt when we have improved someone else's day. It is not being soft and naive to serve others. Rather, it is what makes us human.

Listen when a friend needs to talk

Sometimes our friends go through really hard times. Of course it is heavy for the listener. Of course we could be somewhere else having fun. Of course we have already experienced something similar. Butsometimes you have to know how to be quiet, listen and try to understand the whole situation of this person who clearly needs to tell what he is going through. It is to show empathy and it is a great lesson in generosity to give to children.

Help someone who clearly needs it

One day in the subway, I met a man who must have been at least 75 years old and who had difficulty going down the stairs. Without thinking too much about it, I helped him down by holding the other side of his cart. He left thanking me and while I was wondering what he could be carrying so heavy, at least 4 people came to congratulate me for helping him. However, these people did not help him. But I have a firm belief that now that they saw someone do it, these people would help him today, if they saw him. And when my kids are my age, I hope they will too.

Smile at strangers for no particular reason

Sometimes passers-by won't smile back at you, other times they'll smile immediately and often you won't see them smile. In fact, they'll smile a little further because your smile will have put a little cheer in their bad day. The smile is really underrated. Maybe it's because it's free…but that's no reason not to give it away.

Courtesy behind the wheel

This is another way to be kind and respect others. Drive carefully in a school zone and askthe first gesture when you see someone distracted rather than honking and gesticulating makes the roads more pleasant. Being courteous also makes walking safer and, in short, allows everyone to be a little more serene. We must also admit that if we want to teach our children to drive safely, we must lead by example.


When someone is being bullied or being treated unfairly, whether in the office, at school, or on the street, speaking up to defend or encourage them can break the spirit. impression of a very heavy loneliness. This could be the gesture that will restore that person's faith in humanity.

I've seen a woman run after a young girl who was being yelled at by her boyfriend and simply say, "You don't have to put up with that!" The girl's gaze immediately changed, as if the woman had given her some hope. This kind of kindness can help stop violence and restore courage to those who have lost it.

Give your parking receipt

Rather than letting the next person pay twice, more and more people are giving their parking receipt to someone who arrives in their place. It's nice, it costs nothing and it shows that with a little effort, you can really please a stranger. There is also a free iPhone app called iPap that allows you to indicate which seat has already been paid for.

Give a drink (to the crossing guard, to abeggar, to a street youth)

In very cold winters and during very hot summers, we sometimes come across the nice crossing guard who is cold or very hot. If you're planning on buying yourself a coffee or a cold drink, why not bring him a glass?

Similarly, you can bring a drink to a hot street youth or a thirsty beggar. Just recently, some restaurants have even started offering the option to buy a coffee on hold for those who can't afford one. If it's true that a hot drink warms the heart, that's little money to comfort those who spend their days outside.

Visit Family

Visiting an aging family member whom we haven't seen in a long time or going to see our grandparents at the hospital or CHSLD to put some sunshine in in their long days is another great way to make others a little happier. It's nice for the bored person and it's a great way to convey to your children the idea that the family helps each other until the end.

Breathe deeply before speaking

Patience is a virtue. With social networks, we get used to “talking” quickly, responding tit for tat and giving our opinion on everything. However, even if everyone is en titled to their opinion, not everything is necessarily good to say! Similarly, when our children cry and are turbulent after a hard day, we may be tempted to makeexcessive criticism. Taking a deep breath before speaking isn't always easy, but in the long run it pays off and makes everyone in a better mood.

Take the time

Taking the time to respond appropriately when someone talks to us, to answer children's questions and to do well what is asked of us is still a good way to be nice.

Dare to do gratuitous gestures

Help someone pick up what they have dropped, write to their best friend that we miss her, write to the aunts who took care of us during our childhood and remind them that we love them, helping a friend move, helping an old lady cross the street, helping a friend build something or start a project are all ways to be kind to others. What if this kindness was contagious? What if it was a butterfly effect? How about we start looking at those around us feeling like we're on the same team?

“If we are able to bring together so many people in such a short time when things are going badly, I dare not even imagine what would happen if we got together when things are going well” - Fred Pellerin (speaking of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy)

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