Safety rules for successful picking

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Safety rules for successful picking
Safety rules for successful picking

Hallowing Halloween is exciting! From house to house, from candy to candy, in the rush, it sometimes happens that we forget the basic safety rules, but this year again we will have to be twice as careful as in previous years.


This year we must add to the very long list of precautions to take on Halloween night the he alth instructions related to Covid-19. You will find everything you need to know on the Quebec government website.

Sometimes it's hard to contain the excitement: it's true for adults, so imagine a little for children! It's that Halloween, despite all the zombies and skeletons that haunt our streets, is a very lively party; the energy and feverishness of the children, fueled by the sweets in addition, reach new heights. However, this is not a reason to ignore the safety rules.

That's why it's important to rehearse them with your child before the big night.

The basic rules

The suit

Of course, the vampires and witches of this world don't wear any particular colorsclear… which makes them harder to see in the dark, especially for motorists. This is why it is highly recommended to wear light colored suits. And not to ruin the look of his monster of darkness with pastels, affix the costume with reflective strips. If you live in an area where there are few streetlights, it might be a good idea to equip a flashlight.

The costume should also not be too long, otherwise the child may snag and trip, especially going up and down stairs. We also avoid wearing a mask, which restricts visibility and increases the risk of accidents, and opts instead for makeup.

Accessories (swords, knives, pitchforks, etc.) should be made of soft materials to avoid injuries.


Halloween or not, the same road safety rules apply. In short, always look both ways before crossing, and do so at intersections or crosswalks only. Barring exceptions, we always walk on the sidewalks. Also, explain to your child that he must pick up one side of the street at a time.

The youngest are taught that only houses with lightsare houses where they can ring or knock, and they are always asked to stay at the entrance to receivesweets and never enter, even if they are invited to do so. These safety tips should be promulgated from the first Halloween parties, since they will still be useful when your child goes door to door without you.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) advises to previously agree with him on the course, and determine in advance the time at which he will come back. Children should always stay in their neighborhood and on the streets they already know. Along the same lines, they are reminded to never approach or get into cars with strangers. Note that children shouldnever spend Halloween alone: it is therefore preferable that they tour in groups (the SPVM recommends groups of 4 or 5) or accompanied by an adult.

Remind your child that it is important to always stay with his group, not to stray from it and to stay on the established path.

The Harvest

It's important that your child wait until they get home before diving into their harvest of treats. Difficult, yes, but necessary, since you always have to sort the candy bag once the round is over. Of course, we exclude anything that is not commercially packaged: homemade cupcakes and cookies or candies bought in bulk, for example.

In addition, it must be ensured that the original packaging has not been opened and is not damaged. If youhave the slightest doubt, do not take the risk: throw them away.

It's rare, but some still offer fruit. If your child receives any, you should inspect them thoroughly and then wash them. They are cut into very small pieces before serving and, again, if in doubt, dispose of them.

10 rules for a safe Halloween party

  • Wear short clothes to avoid tripping
  • Wear clothes in light colors or with reflective strips to be clearly visible
  • Avoid masks. Choose makeup that allows you to see well
  • Use a flashlight to see better and to make yourself more visible too
  • Agree with parents on return route and time
  • Ring the doorbell as a group, or accompanied by an adult and wait outside houses
  • Walk only one side of the street at a time to avoid unnecessary crossings
  • Cross streets at intersections and obey road signs
  • Refusing to approach or get into a vehicle without parental permission
  • Check with your parents which treats you receive to make sure you can eat them safely.

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