Bus and subway with cocos

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Bus and subway with cocos
Bus and subway with cocos

Tired of struggling with the baby seat and going around in circles to find a place to park? So why not opt for public transport instead? It's simple, safe and often more effective!


We know that between the many roadworks, traffic, parking, stress and all the rest, getting from point A to point B is not always easy. However, by opting for the bus or the metro, we can put all these little worries aside and make our trips all the more relaxing and fun for our children. Because yes, opting for public transport can turn into a great adventure for your little ones, especially if it's something you reserve for great outings. I remember very well that my brother and I loved going out on the bus and on the metro with our mother during the summer holidays; it felt like we were going on an expedition!

Traveling Safely

Obviously, there are certain safety rules to follow so that everything goes well with our sailors. There are several tips to this effect on the STM's


By subway

  • Never crossthe yellow tactile edges of the platform before the metro comes to a complete stop.
  • Let passengers get off before boarding.
  • Have your children in one at a time without jostling.
  • Ask your children to hold on to the grab bars if there are no free seats. Don't let them sit on the floor.
  • Prepare your children to descend one station in advance.

By bus

  • While waiting for the bus, stay away from the curb.
  • On the bus, ask your children to hold on to the grab bars if there are no free seats. Don't let them sit on the floor.
  • Remind them that they should never stick their heads or limbs out of windows.

Stroller and baby

If you travel with an infant, think about traveling light. In other words, make your choice on an umbrella stroller (which has the advantage of being light and compact, in addition to being able to fold and unfold easily with one hand) or a baby carrier and replace your big diaper bag with a small backpack that can hold everything you need and double as a handbag.

Be aware that bus drivers can lower the floor of their vehicle to help you get on and off with your stroller and let you know when you arrive at your destination, so don't hesitate to ask. make a request! In addition, you have priority in the reserved area if it is not already occupied by a person inWheelchair. And don't forget that several metro stations on the green and orange lines are

accessible by elevator!

Finally, the ride is free at all times for children 5 and under accompanied by an adult with a valid transit pass. What's more, from 4 p.m. Friday to Sunday until the end of service, as well as on public holidays and

on certain holidays, children 11 and under travel free when they are accompanied by an adult holding a valid transport ticket (up to 5 children per adult). At that price, we'd be crazy not to take advantage of it!

Advice from Michel, STM bus driver

You who see a lot of people passing by, do you think that the bus and the metro are good means of transport for families?

Certainly! Young families make up the vast majority of my afternoon clientele. The trick is to avoid peak hours so you don't get stuck between workers and students. You will thus have more space to settle down and will find that the majority of users are very courteous and will gladly give up their place to you!

In your opinion, is there a best age to start using public transport with your children?

No age in particular, no, but I think we can get them used to living in a community at a very young age. They can be taught the ground rules and used to some routine rides that they will beable to perform alone later! Moreover, there are what are called "school lines" at the STM, that is to say buses whose schedules are coordinated with the schedule of schools in the neighborhood, and I often see children aged 5 or 6 can board independently or accompanied by their big brother or sister!

In closing, do you have any advice for parents who would like to travel by public transport with their young children?

I believe that the important thing is to make your children aware of the realities of using the bus and metro and to explain to them that you should never hesitate to go see the bus driver in case of need or to ask him a question. After all, that's what we're here for too!

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