Cleaning your wardrobe

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Cleaning your wardrobe
Cleaning your wardrobe

Your drawers are struggling to open and your closet is upside down, it's time to face this chaos once and for all and clean up. But where to start?


If your wardrobe consists of:

  • What you wear all the time and love (most of the time it's a tiny percentage of your inventory).
  • Crush purchases you love, but don't go with anything.
  • Of what has become too small… and that you keep in the hope that one day you can carry it back: you are a big dreamer!
  • Very, very (too) comfortable clothes!
  • Antiques…but maybe they'll come back into fashion?

Diagnosis: Your wardrobe is dysfunctional

What do I put in the recycling?

What's too small or too big and what was fashionable 10 years ago. Yes, fashion is cyclical, but never identical. The fabrics are modernized, new fibers are used, the color combinations are different, the clothes are cut up to date and inevitably our silhouette has also evolved! An item of clothing shouldn't stay in your closet if it's been more than a year since you've worn itno.

Your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle

For example: 50% of your time is devoted to work, 20% to family activities, 10% to outings with your partner and friends, 10% to practicing a sport and 10% to cocooning.

These ratios are a great tool to properly catalog your clothes and become aware of what you have and what you should have. In addition, it is very effective for planning your future purchases and thus optimizing your budget. So if you allocate a small portion of your time to gardening and housework, your pile of used clothes can be reduced considerably!

  • Allow yourself half a day
  • Try on your clothes
  • Separate your clothes by category (trousers, blouse…) and then by color: you may find duplicate items!
  • Identify 3 batteries: To keep, To give away, To have cleaned or repaired.
  • Do not replace clothes that require cleaning or alterations, deal with them immediately!
  • Among the clothes you keep, set aside those that are "orphan" (which don't match anything you have). You will spend a little shopping session just to find what you are missing, you will finally be able to wear them and make your purchases profitable! (it is absolutely necessary to bring your orphan clothes with you when shopping, otherwise it will be very difficult to complete this mission)
  • Ragged, yellowed (like socks!) and stained clothes:Oust!
  • We get rid of irreparable, worn, faded shoes and jewelry that has tarnished and/or broken

Nothing is more disheartening and demoralizing than having a ton of clothes and not wearing them for various reasons. Be realistic and stern when judging the fate of your clothes, this is the best advice I can give you… Your wardrobe will be much more interesting and you will be motivated and enthusiastic to get dressed every morning!

How do we tidy up?

  • Knitwear, we fold them rather than hanging them, they will keep their shape.
  • Use wider hangers for your coats and jackets.
  • Non-slip hangers are great for tops with small silk straps.
  • If your space is limited, keep only your everyday clothes in your closet, the rest either in another closet or in plastic bins.
  • Place your clothes by lifestyle (work, outing, sports, gardening).
  • File your jewelry in a drawer or box or cosmetic pouch.
  • Hang your belts on a hanger or hook, but don't leave them on your clothes.
  • Put your scarves in a basket or shoebox.
  • Keep your everyday shoes in pairs on a shoe rack and keep your evening pumps in their boxes.

This ritual should be done every new season so as not to cultivate bad habits!

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