Children's participation in family tasks

Children's participation in family tasks
Children's participation in family tasks

From an early age, children can perform small services and perform simple tasks. Just cheer him on and go according to his ability!


The child learns that to live in society, everyone must collaborate. Many parents take on all the tasks either because it goes faster, because they want to avoid conflicts or because they excuse their children: the child has had a big day, he is too small… How will they learn that not everything happens by magic and that for everyone to flourish in a group, the tasks as much as the pleasures must be shared?

When to start involving children in these tasks?

Remember the three-year-old who said "You can't, you're too small" will say to you at thirteen when you ask him to mow the lawn "I can't, I am too small. » Children should assume their personal tasks, such as tidying up their rooms, making their beds, putting their dirty laundry in the laundry basket, putting their dishes in the dishwasher. In addition, they should take on a small daily task for the good of the whole family, such as setting the table, clearing the table, preparing a salad… depending on their stage of development.development and skills. They should also assume a weekly task, either at the level of the household, the garbage…

Some of the tasks a child of…

2-3 years

  • Brush your teeth with a little help
  • Turn on the tap, and run a glass of water
  • Put dirty diapers in the trash
  • Put dirty spoons in the dishwasher
  • Put wet clothes in the dryer
  • Bring things to the table at meals
  • Wash your hands and dry them
  • Put your dirty laundry in the basket
  • Pick up toys with a little help
  • Dressing with a little help

4 to 5 years

  • Take your toys out of the bath and remove the plug
  • Dress alone
  • Bring plates and utensils to the table
  • Put your clothes in the laundry basket
  • Take the utensils out of the dishwasher, put them away
  • Pick up and put away toys

6 years

  • Pass a damp cloth on the table after the meal
  • Put your dirty plate and glass in the dishwasher
  • Wash hair under adult supervision
  • Sign greeting and thank you cards yourself
  • Help us with groceries by putting some items in the basket himself and carrying a light bag
  • Help us get the grocery bags out of the car

7 to 9 years old

  • Wash the sink and thebathtub
  • Riding the lawn of weeds
  • Look up words in the dictionary
  • Wash your hair
  • Make a sandwich and prepare your lunch box
  • Dust the living room
  • Write and mail your birthday invitations
  • Clear and clean the table
  • Pick up his room and make his bed
  • Sweep the floor
  • Wash the car
  • Preparing lunch
  • Filling and emptying the dishwasher
  • Fold and store clean clothes
  • Help prepare meals
  • Take out the trash
  • Start managing pocket money under adult supervision
  • Preparing your clothes and school bag for the next day

10 to 12 years old

  • Mow the lawn
  • Vacuuming
  • Prepare Simple Meals
  • Use the washer and dryer
  • Compare prices at the grocery store and calculate the amount using a calculator

How to encourage them to collaborate in household chores?

Be a role model first

When a parent quarrels around the house, the kids find there's nothing fun about it. If you clean the house while singing, dancing to the music, your children are more likely to want to collaborate. When there is pleasure, it is more attractive and motivating. Rather than saying "I'm sick of doing everything alone here", tell them your limits and your needs. “I need everyone to do theirleave for tidying up, meals, cleaning… I am discouraged, I need help… Just like you, I need rest and leisure. »

You can write down all the tasks and then ask "What are you ready to do?" » If possible, allow them to choose their preferred task or draw lots.

Clarify when tasks should be done.

Agree together on the consequences that flow from a breach of this contract.

And above all encourage them to execute them. You don't turn on the TV when you get up, but once your morning routine is over. We clean up before going to the cinema as a family. We tidy up our room on Saturday before going to play with friends… The rule of grandmothers “The tasks first, then the pleasure. may apply.

A playtime or family activities can motivate your children.


Carole and Martin decided that each child would have to do, in addition to their personal tasks, a daily and weekly task for the family. A few days after they divided the family chores, six-year-old Julie kept thanking her parents for giving her these chores. She said she was so proud of herself. They couldn't believe it and said they felt like they had given their daughter the greatest gift ever.

Not all children react this way. The earlier we start, the easier it is to get theircollaboration. In addition, when children are responsible for a few tasks before entering school, it is easier for them to agree to take on their school tasks. Those who resist do not yet know what extraordinary gift you are offering them. The message underlying the tasks entrusted is this: “I love you enough to teach you to do without me, to want you to be independent. I trust you, I know you can do this job and do it well. “Love and trust give wings and that is our primary goal: to teach them to do without us.

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