Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning
Spring cleaning

We're doing the big spring cleaning because after a long winter, we really need to clean in depth. Here are some great tips for doing this effectively.


It's finally time to do the big spring cleaning, that moment when we open the windows wide and we scrub the house to get out the stale air, the dust and all the pollution we have accumulated indoors during the winter. It is also a change of season that allows you to evaluate your wardrobe to give what you will never need again.

Give and put away

Little chiffon dresses, skirts, camisoles, light jackets, sandals and raincoats will soon replace the warm clothes and boots that used to take up all the space in our closets.

  • Take a few minutes to store your winter clothes and hang your clothes more appropriate for the warm season.
  • You should also put aside children's warm clothes that are already very tight; they will certainly not make them again next winter. It's time to make bags for thrift stores and family counters.
  • Bring out your swimsuits and those of your children, without forgetting sandals, tank tops and shorts. By doing it early in the season, youYou'll probably find clothes you forgot existed and you'll save a little money by only getting what you really need!
  • Stained or broken clothing can be put in most recycling bins or given to thrift stores that specialize in making items from recycled clothing.

While you're at it, sort the toys while giving them a quick wipe and put the ones your child will never use again in a box to give away if they're in good condition and throw away the opposite case. Think about organizations in your area or Réno-Jouets, which specializes in toy recycling.

A mom told us that she puts the plastic toys in the dishwasher to clean them all at once. This is an idea worth trying if you have lots of small toys.


Dust and Clean

First of all, take a look in the box of throwaway clothes and collect t-shirts and other cotton clothes to make tea towels. You will need it during this major cleaning and by having several cloths, you will not mix the products and thus avoid chemical combinations which emit harmful gases.

By the way, you should never mix a product containing ammonia with bleach, it's really harmful to your he alth. Using bleach in the wash water helpsenough to disinfect everything that needs to be disinfected after months of closed windows and viruses of all kinds!

Also know that it is possible, even desirable, to use gentle and eco-responsible products and homemade recipes to clean, without sacrificing cleanliness. Vinegar, for example, is excellent for washing windows.

Now you can get started and clean your house, room by room. Move large pieces of furniture around to catch the dust you miss with your weekly cleaning, and clean up anything neglected the rest of the year. For example, you can:

  • Wash windows, inside and out;
  • Wash the walls and ceilings;
  • Soak blinds and screens;
  • Wash the curtains;
  • Clean the air conditioning filter;
  • Clean the range hood and check if the filter needs to be changed;
  • Dusting tops of cabinets;
  • Wash the inside of the cabinets and take the opportunity to put everything in the right place;
  • Sweep the bottom of wardrobes;
  • Close the ventilation and unscrew the grilles to clean them;
  • Clean the inside of the washer and dryer;
  • Dust chandeliers and light fixtures;
  • Clean the refrigerator thoroughly;
  • Defrost the freezer and wash it with soapy water;
  • Clean carpets and rugs;
  • Thoroughly wash and wax (or buff) floors that need it;
  • Clean thefabric sofas and armchairs.

We have a few articles on storage and cleaning to help you regain as much space as possible in your rooms and cabinets. Consult our Dossier Home - Cleaning and storage facilities for more ideas.

Open windows

After all this cleaning and the use of so many products, it is necessary to open the windows and let clean air into the house! This is the only way to let the pollution out, knowing that the concentration of pollutants found indoors after a long winter often far exceeds those found outdoors.

Indeed, cleaning products, cooking food, breathing, dead skin, glues used for crafts, varnishes and solvents, as well as new materials release pollutants that remain inside our homes well insulated and it is important to ventilate as often as possible.

The spring cleaning that raises all this dust is a good opportunity to do it, especially since the milder weather finally allows us to!

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