You know your child has grown up when

You know your child has grown up when
You know your child has grown up when

It's inevitable, our little babies all grow up eventually. We know that, but that doesn't stop us from being surprised when they do something new!


You swore to yourself to be an ultra-cool-not-cheesy-at-all mom who wouldn't flinch when her child goes through a new stage that brings him closer and closer to the adult world? I have some news for you! We all end up feeling a bit of a shock one day or another when we see our baby put us in our place or when we realize that we are no longer as indispensable as they once were when seeing them do something new without the need for our help!

To prepare you, and to make you laugh a little, we asked moms on our Facebook page to share with us the funniest and most touching moments when they realized that their little treasure had indeed grown up faster than they thought!

You know your child has grown up when…

  • you see her with your laundry… (Melanie)
  • He no longer listens to TELETOON, but MUSIQUE PLUS. (Liette)
  • He arrives with an object in your hands that you thought you had put safely on top of afurniture! (Melissa)
  • They're giving you “full teenage” expressions! (Nancy)
  • She tells you: Mom, wait for me! (Ben-Annie)
  • He goes to McDo himself. (Anne)
  • He or she says "No mum I don't need your help, I'll do it myself" (Véronique)
  • You look at the photo you have on the wall, telling yourself that it might be time to change it… (Marie-Noëlle)
  • He's the one who takes you back when you say a bad word. (Celine)
  • She says to you: leave it to mom; I can do it on my own, and it's true (Julie)
  • He's driving! (Karen)
  • He no longer says "yes mum" but "oauinnn". (Bianca)
  • She wants to go to the bathroom by herself! And she does it well! (Johannie)
  • Your daughter says to you: "Mom leave me alone, I want to be alone in my room" (Christine)
  • You call yourself "Mom" instead of mom. (Roxanne)
  • You just gave birth to your newborn and you think your oldest is so big! (Isabelle)
  • They're starting school! (Hanne)
  • You just see him doing something new.;) You understand that little by little, he is growing. (Kimmy)
  • You think newborn babies must be premature they are so small! (Marie-Eve)
  • He uses big words that you don't even say yourself (Caroline)
  • Your baby has a baby… (Nadine's mom)
  • Little man goes to the 4-year-old group at daycare! (Nadine)
  • His friends call youmadam… Ouch! (Isabelle)
  • She goes to bed later than you (Caroline)
  • They suggest you take Tylenol with a big glass of water when you have a headache! (Emilie)
  • She says: “When I was little…”! (Mylene)
  • He rolls his eyes when you tell him an anecdote from your childhood… (Christine)
  • She comes back from the day camp saying: “There mom, I want a break, I had a long day and I'm burnt out! (Angèle)
  • He tells you jokes you used to make at the same age! (Marie-Claude)
  • He shares his emotions with his best friends on Facebook (Nancy)
  • She's getting late for summer camp to fix her hair! (Melanie)
  • She starts inviting friends over to sleep over and at night they talk about their future with Justin Bieber! It grows fast! (Sophie)
  • You talk to him eye to eye… Phew! Bad shock! (Isabelle)
  • It changes to the 13+ category on outings and it costs more. (Sophie)
  • You arrive in the living room and you see him with the tub of ice cream and a spoon…. that you never gave him! (Bianca)
  • You ask your son to bring you wipes, that there are none left and that he opens a new packet, puts it in the box and brings it to you. (Stephanie)
  • All his friends have diminutive nicknames (they don't have time to say the full names anymore!) (Marie-Josée)
  • It's her who decides that she wants to sleep in her big girl's bed and not in her bunk!(Melanie)
  • My oldest says to me: No mum, I'm the one who's going to help Samuel down the stairs. (Ysabelle)
  • My son says to me: you know mom in your good old days… (Line)
  • My 2-year-old daughter started refusing me to help her…but she came to help me cook dinner! (Joanie)
  • My son who just turned two finishes eating, gets up, and goes to put his dishes in the sink…. (Stephanie)
  • You hear him for the first time getting up alone in the night to go to the bathroom and go back to bed afterwards. (Stephanie)
  • He opens the fridge alone to get his snack (Isabelle)

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