Back to school essentials

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Back to school essentials
Back to school essentials

Since you need to get some things for back to school, it is better to buy good quality supplies, produced here, environmentally friendly or funny.


A washable mask

It's official, children ages 10 and up will be required to wear masks to school this fall. Several companies manufacture masks with colorful and playful fabrics in order to arouse children's interest in wearing them. Our favorite? The La Licornerie boutique which presents hand-sewn masks by Adorable Orange, a Quebec company that manufactures various fabric items.

Psst.. want to make your own? Check out our articlefeatured by Wooloo the blog.

Good shoes for back to school

One of the first things to think about when it comes to the school year is getting your kids on the right shoes. Their shoes and boots should be comfortable and easy to put on so they can follow through quickly during transitions from class to gym and schoolyard. Our friends at Kamik offer several models of shoes and boots for back to school. Our favorite? The Kamik rain boots. They arewaterproof, comfortable and easy to wear. Many are vegan, recyclable and made right here in Canada.

A good bag

The school bag does more than just hold the books. It's what you watch go off in the schoolyard, it's what he will have to find in a pile of bags at the end of morning recess and it's also what your child will remember he has from school the next day when he sees her in the corner of his room. It has to be practical and spare his back of course, but your child will also have to like it. So take the time to pick one together. If you don't know where to start. Le Petit Coconoffers, among others, the So Young brand which is magnificent and very modern in its design. If you're a fan, there's also the matching lunch box.

Biodegradable Utensils - Ricardo

Because lunch boxes sometimes get complicated with dirty utensils and plastic forks are really not an ecological solution, you can get the set of biodegradable utensils from the collection Ricardo. Made of wood and bamboo, the utensils are washable and reusable.

A magazine subscription

Subscribing a child to a magazine is also giving him the experience of positive anticipation and allowing him to make an appointment with himself. In themselves, these learnings are gifts for life. Magazines are also faithful friends. They roam everywhere,in a school bag, in the car and even at the campsite. With them, children are never alone. They are also friendship facilitators, since they can be the starting point of a conversation between two subscribers.

Psst… until October 15, 2020, Bayard Canada is offering you a $5 discount per subscription.


Tattoos from Pico Tattoo are a great way to teach or remind kids about hygiene rules, big or small… Use them to make them aware of the microbes that surround us or simply to remind the teacher that your child has allergies.

For more product information:

  • The design of the temporary tattoos is made in Quebec.
  • Tattoos are printed in the USA.
  • The print is of superior quality, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA (USA) certified.
  • Tattoos are suitable for children ages 3 and up.

PiCO also offers you a small poster to downloadto display the hygiene rules created by "La Récréation".

Custom Labels

Identify all essentials such as notebooks, binders and pencils as well as all related materials, such as sporting goods, lunch box items, clothing and shoes. Our favorite? The Quebec company Sticks to me.

For more informationread the article our complete fileon this company.

An OLO Fusion analog clock

OLO-fusion's mission is to offer educational, fun and aesthetic tools that optimize the learning of mathematics. Our products are aimed at teachers, school workers, early childhood educators, as well as parents of children with or without learning disabilities.

Psst… Until August 31, 2020, registerfor a chance to win a complete La Futée hourly learning kit - parent, value of $79 plus tax.


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