You know you're tired when

You know you're tired when
You know you're tired when

As we almost see you sleeping standing up (and it's very funny), we decided to share the great moments of fatigue reported at


Tired moms are legion. (Yawns) Who among you has never boiled empty cauldrons, cried for nothing, put the milk in the cupboard, the remote control in the fridge and the baby's diaper upside down because you were drunk from fatigue? Here are some examples of what a mom can do after several weeks of short nights, because we have to laugh a little!

You know you're tired when…

  • You put your baby in the bath without finishing undressing her! (Marie-Claude)
  • When you get back from work, you head for the house where you haven't lived for 2 years… (Stéphanie)
  • You woke up 4 times in the same night, without having opened your eyes, and wondering why the little one is not wearing the same clothes as at the beginning of the night! (Sarah)
  • You're missing microwave oatmeal. (Emilie)
  • In the morning instead of putting on concealer, you put on lip gloss under your eyes! (Annick)
  • You can't wait for your 5 year old daughter to go to bed so you can go too… (Cathy)
  • You're making the sink overflow! (Claudiana)
  • Youcry and you laugh at the same time, but you don't know why! (Jenevieve)
  • You climb the 15 steps to your apartment and, when you get to the top, you lie down on the couch without taking off your shoes! (Valéry)
  • When you finish a task, you think about the next one and when it comes time to do it you have completely forgotten what you wanted to do (Catherine)
  • You dip your brush in your coffee instead of the dish of water to paint with your 3 year old daughter! (Audrey)
  • You look at some construction guys outside, you take a closer look and you walk right in the patio door (Julio)
  • You open the car door in your forehead…twice! (Cindy)
  • You pick up your daughter from daycare and when you get to her physio appointment, you notice that you haven't picked her up. (Cynthia)
  • You put the eldest's orange juice in the youngest's baby cereal and dish soap in the Pyrex dish where the meat is still… (Élise)
  • You give your sons a bottle to your husband… (Lily)
  • You pour milk into the coconut bottle and realize that you didn't put a bag in the bottle… (Valérie)
  • You can't wait for Friday… Sunday night… (Audrey)
  • You wake up with your baby at your breast, sitting on your couch, but you don't even remember getting up with her! (Hyacinth)
  • In the middle of the night, you wake up with your cat next to you and you go to carry it in the crib, because you're convinced it's your baby! (Jessica)
  • You forget to take off your glasses and your bra before taking a shower… (Vicky)
  • You try twice to put your baby's pacifier in your husband's mouth (Cindy)
  • You don't know where you left the baby! (Julie)
  • You put the cereal in the dogs bowl and you use the crocs crocs. (Audrey)
  • You drive to work and realize your baby is still in her car seat when she should be at the babysitter's (Danielle)
  • You fall asleep on the floor in the middle of the playroom while you play with the children. (Anick)
  • You get honked by the car from behind because you fell asleep at a red light… (Isabelle)
  • You pour yourself a glass of milk and put it in the bottle warmer! (Cynthia)
  • You come to the office with pajama bottoms… you've changed halfway! (Stephanie)
  • You have trouble lining up two words… You dream of sleeping 4 hours between two drinks… The worst part is when you fall asleep while making love! (Marie-Claude)
  • You go to take your shower and it's only when you're in the shower that you realize you've already taken it! You make yourself a coffee and you forget to put on a filter! (Magali)
  • You pump your milk and after 5 minutes you realize that your thighs are wet and you never put the cup on the breast pump… (Sandy)
  • You change your baby's diaper, but you forget to put a diaper back on him and you realize it when he pees on you or you come to work with 2different shoes in the feet. (Sophie)
  • You make grilled cheese and when it's time to serve it, you realize you forgot to put the cheese between the slices of bread. (Mamanju)
  • You forget to bring your books back to the library and end up with a $5.40 fine (at $0.20 a day) (Mamanju)
  • You wake up from the fire alarm and your first instinct is to press Snooze (Anonymous)

  • I have a friend who once threw her son's dirty diaper… in the fridge! No, but ark! (Mel_2711)
  • You chat for 20 minutes on the phone, you hang up and you look your spouse straight in the eye: “Who was I just talking to?!?! » (StefLap)
  • You carry packages and instinctively rock and hop them in your arms so that they fall asleep… (Cyranosaurus)
  • … Or you distractedly walk back and forth with your grocery cart (without the baby in it) to keep her from crying (??), while you stare at the meat counter. (Anna Banana)
  • You get out of the car and lock the doors, realizing too late that the keys are in the ignition and the 3 children are in the car. (caro_l)
  • You try to put your 4-month-old baby's hat on your two-year-old and he says "Mommy, it's not mine" (Zelise)
  • You sit the diaper bag in the stroller instead of the baby and, as you start to fasten the straps, you wake up wondering what happened… (Anonymous)

  • You wake up at night to go to the toilet and when you wake up half an hour later, you have the counter stamped on your cheek, still sitting on the toilet! (Elexa20)
  • You put the dirty diaper in the washer and the dirty clothes in the trash. (Amiel)
  • You come to give your child a kiss and a hug before going to bed and finally it's your child who pushes you out of HIS bed in the middle of the night, because you are there asleep and he doesn't want you in his bed. (Bebiz)
  • You write your name backwards and you don't remember your phone number when it comes time to sign a little contest coupon. (Star11)
  • You give the remote control to the baby (more than delighted by the way) and you pass the handkerchief mechanically under your boyfriend's nose. Hearing, “Ouch, what are you doing? », you realize that you have not blown your nose. (Cyranosaurus)
  • When by some miracle you manage to fall asleep and you wake up in a panic because “My God! it's morning and baby is still sleeping! and going to check if he's still breathing you wake him up and realize it's only 2am… (Mamisa)

  • When you read all these answers and laugh till you cry;) (Julie)
  • You trade my guys' glass/bottle: both looked at me with a face of "what do you want me to do with that?" » (Valérie-Kim)
  • You answer the phone with the TV controller… It was still ringing! (Natasha)
  • Youanswer the door when my washer rang the end of the cycle! (Tina)
  • During the night, when baby cries, you think the pillow is the baby and try to breastfeed. (Stephanie)
  • You forgot to put a diaper on my 3 month old…poor baby! (Nancy)
  • You forgot to put my two children's diapers, 1 month and 2 years old, in the diaper bag and I left to stay with relatives for New Year's Eve. (Julie)
  • You put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge… (Marie-Pier)
  • You say your wishes to your husband when it was me who just sneezed! (Marilyn)

  • You lose your keys 3 times in the same month! Falling asleep in the car for a 5 minute drive, sleeping soundly while my 5 year old screams and jumps on my bed. (Valerie)
  • You cut your mother's meat instead of the children's.
  • You try to put your baby's pacifier in your 3 year old daughter's mouth (who has never had a pacifier)… The shot of the Tassimo coffee flowing all over the counter… (Stephanie)
  • You're looking for the pacifier thinking it's been off the shelves for 15 minutes and looking weird while it's on one of my fingers! (Camille)
  • You're looking for the toilet in the bedroom walk-in closet during the night… Sigh… (Josée)
  • You look for your keys everywhere and start attacking others only to find that they were lying there, on the front door… in front of my eyes, atmany times though! (Pink)
  • We were trying to potty train my daughter and the dog at the same time. Result my ex put the dog on the toilet! (Soizic)

  • You break your egg in your coffee instead of in the frying pan, you put your mail under your pillow and then you look for it like crazy, look for my glasses that are on my head… (Audrey)

    • Stirring my tomato juice while the can is open! (Ariane)
    • Falling asleep on the toilet and waking up 15 minutes later with the two cats sitting in front of me staring at me wondering what I'm doing! (Audrey)
    • Forgetting my twins' bottles in a cauldron on the fire. One of the bottles exploded, there was milk up to the ceiling! Fortunately, we had no fire, but I was so exhausted! After that, I only used hot tap water: at least no risk of burning! (Sophie)
    • I put ground coffee directly into my cup instead of the espresso gizmo. Although at where I am, maybe I should have drunk it “straight” in powder form! (Julie)
    • Putting Lysol for the shower in my hair instead of hairspray… And putting body soap on my face instead of my day cream! (Cindy)
    • I was looking for my baby in my filing cabinet next to my bed while my little one was in his bassinet sleeping. I was looking and shouting to my husband that I couldn't find him. (Melanie)
    • Put your son of twoyears as a result in his room… and looking for him everywhere in the house 20 minutes later because it was abnormal not to see him or hear him to finally hear him from his room say: "Mom here" Completely forgotten, there… (Dominica)
    • Pick up a pillow thinking it's my one week old baby crying and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to laugh and tell myself that my baby is in the living room in someone's arms! She still makes fun of me with this and it's been 7 years! (Stephanie)
    • I had gone to start the car to warm it up, because it was frozen outside, then after 15-20 minutes, I decided to leave and then I started looking for my keys everywhere, to finally realize that they were obviously in the car. (Julie)
    • Losing everything: key, phone, controller… I drop something off and spend the day looking for it, put something away and only find it a few days, weeks or even months later! (Jessica)
    • Filling my bath only with hot water, and getting into it without checking… Ouch! (Erika)
    • Peanut butter jar in the fridge a couple of times! Throwing my baby's clothes in the trash instead of putting them in the washer… Arriving in a room and forgetting what I wanted to do. (Carolina)
    • Holding my nursing pillow while sleeping and feeling it slide off: I freaked out thinking it was my daughter and that more than once.
    • My man asked me towake up to pick up the little one, which I do: and he leaves to pick up the little one and comes back with a book…
    • Tsé when you leave your coffee in your coffee maker… without coffee (just water). THREE TIMES in a row. (Sophie)
    • Forgetting that my daughter is in the car while I quietly unpack my groceries… (Pascale)
    • Orange juice in coffee is not good! Otherwise, try to nurse the pillow or the cat at night… and wake up jumping thinking you've escaped! (Lyne)
    • I forgot the brand new stroller on the sidewalk when taking the car, I was so worried about my crying son! (Aurora)

    • I bring in the groceries and start to tidy up. Arrived at the leeks, I take these, cross the dining room, leave the house, cross the small garden and go to put the packet of leeks in the mailbox… It was only then that I realized how careless I was!I was very scared, but it's still big! (Louise)
    • Getting off the sofa we had fallen asleep on, heading to the kitchen, having a snack, wanting to resume viewing, looking for the controller and then finding it in the meat compartment of the fridge. (Julie)
    • Searching for my cell phone all over the house while I have it in my ear since I am in the middle of a telephone conversation. (Julie)


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