What I wish I had in my hospital bag

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What I wish I had in my hospital bag
What I wish I had in my hospital bag

Ah! The famous maternity suitcase! The last milestone before D-Day. We fill it carefully. We open it and reopen it to make sure nothing is forgotten. However, it is (almost) inevitable: we will miss this (little) something…


We asked the following question to the mothers of our community: during your delivery, in the hospital or in the birth centre, what is THE little thing that made you lack? Their answers, some surprising, were all relevant.

Here then (in no particular order) is what, in their own experiences, not objectively but quite authentically, should be in your luggage.

  • Snacks galore. Because hospital food isn't always great and eating in the cafeteria several times a day can get expensive.
  • Chocolate covered almonds. Some claim they promote the milky rising; others that they give that little boost of energy. Either way, they're comforting!
  • A sling for carrying. This promotes contactwith baby and makes it easier to move around the halls of the maternity ward.
  • Small stockings. They are a great replacement for mittens that rarely or don't fit well on baby's hands.
  • Your pillow. Let's face it: the hospital pillow isn't always super comfortable.
  • The phone charger. Because today, living without it seems impossible. Even in this bubble of happiness – and you will surely want to make photos and/or announcements to your loved ones!
  • A breastfeeding cousin. Yes, it is very useful in its primary function, but it could also help you sit up in case of hemorrhoids.
  • Lip balm. Moisturizes lips that might be chapped after hours of work.
  • Lanolin cream. Ideal for relieving poor chapped nipples.
  • Super soft toilet paper. Some parents hate hospital paper, which is rather rough.
  • Adult diapers. They can be useful when the bleeding is very heavy and the huge sanitary napkins are no longer enough.
  • Moisturizing cream. It saves the skin of the hands and legs which tends to dry out dramatically, courtesy of hormones and the environment.
  • A mask or an eye mask. To sleep better, especially if you share the room.
  • A bottle of water. The one you use for sports is perfect. Thus, we will havewater at all times, within reach.
  • Very wide panties. They save some discomfort, especially in the event of a caesarean section, since in this case, panties close to the waist and adjusted are really not what only the best.
  • Little pajamas for babies of all sizes. If baby weighs 9.5 lbs at birth, newborn size may be slightly adjusted!
  • A facial mist. This cools you down during work.

The basic list

To help you be ready on the day of delivery, almost all hospitals offer you the same list of effects to put in your little trunk. Apart from everything previously mentioned, here is what they offer us that could be considered the minimum required.

  • The he alth insurance card and the hospital card.
  • The list of your medications if you take any, of course.
  • One (or two) comfortable nightwear suitable for breastfeeding.
  • Slippers or sandals that are comfortable and not too tight since after childbirth the feet may be swollen.
  • Anursing bra.
  • Comfortable panties that you don't care too much about and that you can throw away without too much remorse in the event of an overflow.
  • Super-absorbent and very long sanitary pads.
  • Nursing compresses.
  • One personal toiletry bag.
  • Clothes for going out.
  • Pencils to fill out all legal paperwork and/or take notes.
  • A small notebook to write down your impressions and/or any information given to you.
  • Your birth plan, if you have one.
  • A packet of diapers Newborn diapers and wipes
  • Diaper onesies, baby pajamas and hats
  • Cotton baby blankets
  • A car seat…even if you walk away.

So, everything will be there. From essential oils to music, via candles and small knitwear for babies, you will have thought of everything… except the elastic to hold your hair in place during work! And if it's not that, it might be something else. Why? Maybe because we can't predict everything. Maybe because deep down, that's what makes childbirth magic!


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