Beautiful and seductive for summer

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Beautiful and seductive for summer
Beautiful and seductive for summer

It's not our excess pounds and our constantly changing full shapes that will make us spend the summer without sporting a dapper look! Be beautiful and seductive for the summer!


It's not our excess pounds and our constantly changing full shapes that will make us spend the summer without sporting a dapper look! Be beautiful and seductive for the summer!


A quick trip to the hairdresser to get rid of broken ends, freshen up our haircut or lighten our hair with streaks. Choose to wear bangs or fall for a fade to change your look… Instant new effect!

This summer, adorn your hair with magnificent finery. Forget the usual rubber bands; long live those adorned with flowers or colored stones. Get out of the flower barrettes for a summer touch! Opt for the scarf or the wide headband. A simple accessory gives your look a punch!

Where to find them? At Simons, among others, where the choice is impressive, or at Aldo Accessories.


Whether you prefer floral touches, sweet accents, natural scents or sweet spicy reminders, you will find a perfume just for you. Light and fresh, it should stick to youlike not one. Walk into a department store and put your nose to work. It is a pleasure and a lot of work to choose the right perfume.

Desert Rose (In a garden): A clever blend of fruity notes and floral touches. CK One Summer (Calvin Klein): A perfect fragrance for the summer season. Happy to be (Clinique): A hymn to life with this refreshing and crisp fragrance. Cool Water Woman (Davidoff): A great classic whose accents of water prevail. Inspiration (Lacoste): For inspiring, dynamic and sparkling women!

Invigorating soap or shower gels, what better way to perk up our spirits? Consider citrus and invigorating herbal scents for a cooling effect in the shower. Don't forget to pack some in your suitcase for your hospital stay.

Biotherm vitamin water shower gel. A lemony zest in the shower, for body and hair. Granite Spa by Lise Watier. A mild citrus-scented exfoliant.

The sun's rays are harmful to the skin, we understand that. But that's no reason not to have a tanned complexion before the hot weather. No more extreme whiteness! Cheat with a good self-tanner, the perfect solution for already tanned legs as soon as you cut the length of skirts and pants short.

Same thing for the complexion of your face. Mix a little self-tanning cream with your moisturizer (with sunscreen, of course), and you'll have a sun-kissed complexion. Be careful not to create atoo drastic effect. Take it easy… Definitely, a good boost for morale to see our white winter complexion fade away!

L'Oréal products that don't make skin oily and Yves Rocher products that smell nice.


It's finally the return of sun dresses. Go for it! The summer models are all pretty! Thin or wide straps, the dresses charmingly bare our shoulders. Tied in the neck, dresses that show the back are perfect for escapades on the terraces. Also, dresses are often the clothes we appreciate the most during our pregnancy, because they do not "tighten" us like pants. And when it's hot, we appreciate dresses that are a little looser. Let's bet that sun dresses will fill your wardrobe!

Finding the right places to shop couldn't be easier. Nadine Joannette has unearthed some for you!

The essential and inevitable piece of the summer: the jersey. Comfortable with your new shapes, wear a bikini! You will be doubly pretty! Tempted by a one-piece swimsuit? There are very pretty ones without necessarily going through the "pocket" for the belly. To be found before the hot weather, because you will love basking in the sun, a lemonade in hand. To camouflage certain curves, don't forget to buy a thin sarong.

A headache to buy a jersey? Not with our specialist Nadine Joannette's tips for choosing a swimsuit.

For cool evenings hanging out on the terrace, opt for a jacketA-shaped, very fashionable, or for flared jackets. No need to buy a coat from a maternity linen shop, so you can put them back on when you push a pram soon.

Cute and comfortable shoes for your toes, that's what you need! Be careful if you are prone to water retention, your feet will tend to swell during hot and humid days. Good news: flat shoes are back. Great for our too often sore back! Mules or flip flops are also a good choice. They go with any style. Reserve high heels for going out, as you may not be able to put up with them so easily.

Match colors wisely. Dresses with floral motifs are “in”. Succumb to skirts, capris and camisoles. Shop smart, making sure you can mix and match the pieces you choose.


To embellish a look, know how to handle the art of the scarf or the elastic band that is worn at the waist. Ideal for hiding pants that must be worn "not attached" for more comfort. Tie a long scarf of a thousand colors around your waist.

Jewellery becomes a simple solution to give a new look to a garment. A long necklace of orange, brown and blue stones gives sparkle to a simple ivory camisole worn with jeans. Beautiful and long oriental style earrings adorn any outfit! The straps incharm or shell are part of the new vogue. Frankly for a little extra inexpensive, there is nothing better!

For a mysterious and very "fashionable" look, succumb to ultra-trendy sunglasses. Delicate or imposing frames, large lenses, in metal, horn or plastic, the models are anything but discreet! Go on! Dare!

Hands and Feet

Tired feet and heavy legs, it's time to exfoliate them. By breathing a breath of lightness into them, you will feel better. You will feel like you are floating as you walk. Then moisturize your feet with a rich cream. Look for mint products for a deodorizing effect. Guaranteed relaxation and optimized well-being!

There are scrubs and foot baths in stores, but it is also possible to concoct them at home. Products tested and loved:

Avon Foot Works Deep Hydration Pumice Cream, Foot Soak and Cream. ($5.99 each) Body Shop Minty Foot Lotion ($28 for 500ml)

A pedicure and a touch of varnish on well-trimmed nails, nothing prettier in beautiful sandals. Dare crazy and surprising colors!


Even with the most beautiful clothes, the most beautiful sparkling jewels and the most expensive beauty products, we must never forget that feeling beautiful depends first on our self-confidence and our attitude. Be proud of yourself! By taking care of yourself, your body and your mind, this is how you will letyour personality around you.

Walk with your back straight, shoulders slightly back, and head held high. It's all about the process! Why hide from view? Look people in the eye, there is nothing better. If you are comfortable in your body, everyone around you will feel it. If you don't like certain shapes, find ways to camouflage them subtly. Treat yourself! A happy woman beams. And that's exactly what we're looking for! Get rid of unhe althy comparisons! Your cousin has amazing legs? Good for her! But does she have such bright eyes? Stop feeling guilty every time you treat yourself to a little luxury, whether it's a fabulous outfit or a slice of cake…Hollywood stays in… Hollywood! The stars give you complexes? That's enough! Tell yourself that with all their money, their private cooks, personal trainers, etc., you would surely look like them…Be proud of your achievements. Pride brings a je-ne-sais-quoi to the look. Write down your successes and bring out your list when your morale fails you! Don't expect compliments from others, get them too!


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