Shop and save

Shop and save
Shop and save

Shopping while saving: the dream! Here are some easy tips and several sites to discover that really allow you to save money… or spend less!


Long live convenient stores

Browse the shelves of the Aubainerie in search of the latest additions to their sparkling collections. Affordable, practical (the pants and skirts have elastic to reduce the waist) and pretty as anything, these clothes will please your mosses and your wallet. The arrival of the Véro collection at Aubainerie adds a bit of glamor to the basic wardrobe, at little cost.

By going to Winners, with a good dose of patience, you will also find good deals. Be persistent and who knows how much you'll save around the corner!

Old Navy stores often offer tempting sales that allow you to double your purchases! Also, browse their many clothing departments on sale. Especially good for baby onesies and jeans for everyone!

Long live the coupons

For economical shopping, here is a website for coupons delivered to your home. You tick the coupons that interest you and wepost them to you. Fast, no-waste service! You only have the ones you choose! You can also go to the Publisac website for other vouchers or flyers.

Are you familiar with It is an entirely Quebec couponing community that brings together all the deals of the week on one page, which informs you of double savings and which allows you to consult the coupons available so that you can order or print them.

Some other websites put you on the money trail by listing the best deals in store or giving you coupons directly. Among these, visit the following sites:

  • My discounts
  • (electronic)
  • (food)
  • Quebec free samples
  • Deal Plus
  • Go Coupons
  • WebSaver
  • Extreme Discount

Some baby product companies send you samples or discounts.

  • Similac
  • Huggies
  • Pampers
  • Nestle
  • Gerber
  • Heinz
  • Enfamil
  • Babie 'R' Us Coupons

Here is also a sitegrouping multiple addresses to receive samples, while the Sales site lists all department store and warehouse sales, so it's easy to keep an eye out for the best deals.

Finally, you can subscribe to the mailing lists of companies whose products you often buy and become a follower of their Facebook page. Companies regularly offer special offers to their members to thank them for their loy alty, giving you an extra chance to save!

Online Shopping

There are more and more sites allowing you to shop online and save money! If you're looking for top brand clothing without breaking your budget, we invite you to discover Beyond the Rack where you can enjoy up to 80% off fashion items, branded cosmetics and decorations.

If you subscribe to sites like Tuango, Discount Montreal and Groupon, you will receive daily the current offer on activities, restaurants or discounts in different stores at reduced prices. A great way to save while having fun!

Do you want to go on a trip? Several sites like Expedia, iTravel2000 and Discount Travel offer great discounts and even the possibility of go on a trip at the last minute at advantageous prices.


Keep your eyes open

Sometimes some stores offer discounts…silent. They are only advertised in-store. Keep an eye out!

Also, on the shelves of grocery stores, several companies install stacks of detachable coupons. Often to promote a new product, people are encouraged to take advantage of discounts. Take several and stock up to pay for products that are already on sale later or in case the product runs out of stock when no sale is in progress!

Get out your cards

Take out your Air Miles card to earn miles to redeem for various products and services. Moreover, for the past few months, Air Miles has offered the possibility of transforming the miles into money, allowing you to reduce your bill with their sponsors; just go to the site and click on this option. You don't have many points and find the wait too long? Choose to pay for magazine subscriptions with your points. A faster way to get your Air Miles and save a few bucks every month by not buying those magazines at the grocery store!

Collect Pampers Growing Up Rewards from Pampers diapers, starter pants or pads. Same principle, you then exchange the bonuses for various products.

The CAA-Quebec card allows you to drive with peace of mind by offering you a good plan of benefits and services (door unlocking, gas delivery, towing, etc.) andgives discounts in several hotel establishments, various tourist attractions and shops. See the list here. But did you know that you can also earn CAA-Quebec dollars? These dollars are used, among other things, to reduce the cost of your renewal or to be exchanged for Couche-Tard gift certificates.

Pharmaprix pharmacies invite you to take advantage of their Optimum Points system. Member moms will be able to double their points all year round on the purchase of certain baby products.

Do you often go to fast food outlets like Sushi Shop or Tim Hortons? These companies often offer the possibility of having a loy alty card or even signing up for a rewards program. Try to find out which places have them so you can take advantage of them!

In a hurry to cook?

No time to scour flyers for weekly deals? Turn to the SOS Cuisine site to do the work for you. The site lists tempting discounts from all the major retailers. We even go so far as to suggest meal ideas to concoct based on the ingredients on sale and your preferences. Awesome!

We also have a thrift store list, check it out!


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