Good places to save

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Good places to save
Good places to save

We've scoured the web to find the best places in Quebec to save you money, no matter what you're looking for! Bookmark this article!


There are more and more stores whose purpose is to offer you great deals on quality products, no matter what you're looking for! We've listed the best places to visit for you in different essential categories to help you save on shopping big and small all year round!


  • Brick Clearance Center

  • Econo furniture
  • Furniture Wholesalers

  • DR Surplus Warehouses


  • Liquidation Électroménagers Laval CISLI
  • Corbeil Électroménagers Clearance Center

Clothes and shoes

  • MEXX Clearance Center
  • E. N. R. G. Xchange
  • Gap Warehouse
  • The Child
  • La vie en Rose warehouses
  • Denim Kings
  • Jeans JeansJeans

  • Coats Coats
  • Warehouses Marie-Claire and Claire-France
  • The Castle The Warehouse
  • L'Aubainerie

  • Bikini Village warehouse

  • Mega Warehouse Sale
  • Brador Winter Warehouse Store

  • Goldtex

  • Surplus Shops


  • Ski Trash
  • Flea Sports

  • Outdoor Depot

Electronic devices

  • J. Sonic Services
  • Radio St-Hubert

For Home

  • South Shore Plumbing Liquidation
  • ReStore Center
  • Linen Chest Depot
  • Bath Depot
  • Liqui Deco
  • Linen Depot Direct
  • Liquidation Hardwood Flooring

  • Sultane Warehouse New Arrivals

Pools and Spas

  • Canada spa depot
  • Trevi Warehouse

A bit of everything

  • Domon Clearance Center
  • Winners

  • Sim Clearance Center

Don't forget to share your favorite places for the best savings in the comments section!


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