Lunch on the go

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Lunch on the go
Lunch on the go

No time to eat in the morning? Start off on the right foot with a lunch adapted to your situation.

For busy mornings

  • A glass of juice to wake you up
  • A cheese sandwich devoured in three bites

For the s alty ones

  • A ham and cheese sandwich
  • A vegetable juice.


A tortilla bread topped with scrambled eggs (cooked in the microwave), cheese and salsa

Composition of a nutritious breakfast

2 servings of grain productsbread, bagel, oatmeal, cream of wheat, breakfast cereals, etc.

1 serving of fruit or fruit juicebanana, apple, orange, mango, peach, dried fruit, etc.

1 serving of Milk and Alternatives or Meat and AlternativesMilk, yogurt, cheese, egg, peanut butter, ham, baked beans, cretons, etc.

By car or on the metro…

  • A delicious fruit smoothie to drink in the car. Fruit smoothie: Blend 1 cup milk or fortified soy beverage, 1 ripe banana, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries into blender. Sprinkle wheat germ to taste.
  • In a plastic container, combine yogurt, a handful of your favorite cereal, some dehydrated fruit andsunflower seeds or slivered almonds.

Nothing left in the fridge?

  • A bagel with peanut butter bought at the local café, all accompanied by a glass of milk
  • A meal replacement bought at the convenience store and a piece of fruit once you arrive at the office

Quick and easy breakfast ideas to fuel your body and brain to get you through busy mornings!

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